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Apps and Integrations

Communication tools

In the Communication tools category, you will find a lot of tools and options that facilitate communication between your dating site members and make it a memorable experience.

From $1,600.00
From $600.00
From $45.00

Attracting attention

In this category, we have combined the features and add-ons that can both help the site members attract attention to their profiles and bring new visitors to your dating site.

From $1,000.00
From $1,600.00


The add-ons and services listed in this category help dating site owners to manage their site, adjust it to the selected niche and provide the fun and secure experience to the site members.

From $640.00
From $120.00
From $800.00


PilotGroup.NET offers high-quality hosting services for customers who wish to start their e-commerce business with PG products. We provide the right-sized, right-priced hosting plans that are 100% compatible with the system requirements for the products by Pilot Group.

$200.00 $199.00 / mo
$10.00 $9.00 / mo

Language packs

Do your website members live in different counties and speak different languages? Make their experience more convenient and enjoyable by adding new language packs to the site.


Marketing is essential in attracting visitors to your website and in building your brand. In this section we will post solutions that will help you promote your services, create a loyal customer community, and learn to attract more people to your site by analyzing their behaviour.

From $100.00
From $100.00 / mo


In the Templates category, you will find ready design themes and colour schemes to change the look and feel of your website, along with the offers of custom design work and the features that will make your dating site visually appealing.

From $1.00


Purchase a ready database of user profiles to populate your dating site before launch. It will help you attract new visitors and convert them into the site members.


Mobile usage has been growing for years now. Launch your own app to be closer to your site members and visitors. Offer them an all-around experience.



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