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Prototype of OnlyFans clone: Content Subscription Service

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Content Publishers / Subscribers

Here's a project designed to unite the users who post content and the users who can subscribe to view the content.
Let's look in what we can do for you if you plan to create an OnlyFans-like project:


1. Main USER TYPES on the site


The major user types MAN and WOMAN will be changed to the following ones:

  • PUBLISHER (the user who posts content)

  • VIEWER (the user who subscribes the content)

Additionally, for PUBLISHERS an obligatory field will be added to the registration process to state whether they are a man or a woman. This information will be used in a search by the VIEWERS in order to find the PUBLISHERS for their liking.



2. Display on the website

There are a few places on the website where users can see each other, i.e.:

  • the search page;

  • the block with the newest users;

  • the block with the active users;

  • the block of the Featured users (a line of users on top of the web pages, users are added there when they pay a special service).

Only PUBLISHERS will be visible in all of those places. VIEWERS' profiles will not be shown on the site, apart from cases where they can comment/like the PUBLISHERS' media content. The CHAT feature will be removed, PUBLISHERS and VIEWERS can't communicate via chat.



3. Standard paid services and memberships

The suggestion is as follows:

  • To remove the standard memberships from the system altogether, because the site’s income will be generated by VIEWERS subscribing to PUBLISHERS. So, apart from that, all users can create their accounts for free.

  • Paid services (boosting your profile in search, becoming a Featured member, Highlighting your profile in search, etc) will only be available for PUBLISHERS because they need to promote their profiles to get more attention.



4. Content Subscription

  • When the VIEWER views a PUBLISHER's page, he/she will see a SUBSCRIBE button;

  • Each PUBLISHER sets his/her own monthly subscription cost;

  • The admin sets the amount of the site’s commission and receives a percentage from every subscription payment made through the site;

Example: A PUBLISHER wants to set the subscription price of $50/mo. Suppose, the admin commission is set to be 10%. Here's what the PUBLISHER will see:



5. Publishers' Gallery

  • PUBLISHERS will be able to mark their photos/videos as PRIVATE (available only to their subscribers) and PUBLIC (available to all VIEWERS for free). PUBLIC PHOTOS will serve as a demo of what content the PUBLISHER posts.

  • The PRIVATE gallery will be blurred, there will be text over the PRIVATE photos/videos, like: 'Unlock this photo/video by subscribing to this user'. The subscription button will be shown as well.

Example of the private content display:




  • Can use search to look for PUBLISHERS (the PUBLISHERS they're already subscribed to will be marked);

  • Can subscribe to the PUBLISHERS content (the automated subscription via CCBill is created);

  • Can view the list of all users they are subscribed to and can Unsubscribe;

  • Receive notifications on the site and by email when the PUBLISHER they're subscribed to makes a new post.


7. PUBLISHERS' earning


  • PUBLISHERS receive all income to their internal account on the site;

  • They can request a money withdrawal to the PayPal account;

  • Admin sets a minimum amount to withdraw; PUBLISHERS can only withdraw the sum that is equal to or more than the minimum limit.