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Free Trial membership - Attract customers by offering a free period

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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Let your site members enjoy all the privileges of a paid group for a limited period of time

⇒ Members can vote for profiles and media content
⇒ One of the most effective marketing techniques for increasing audience
⇒ Awesome test drive of your site`s capabilities
⇒ Give new users opportunity to test all the features here and now

What this gets you:

- prompt the user to try VIP status for free;

- get more payments after the trial period is over.


Let your site members use the services of the paid membership for free. Activate free trial membership in the administration panel and configure its activity period. If the trial mode is switched on, after the registration your site members can enjoy all the privileges of a paid group for a certain period. When it is over, users can switch to a paid membership.


How it may work on your dating apps: 

And this is how it would work on your dating website: