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Secure the services of our team of designers, developers and marketers to bring your project to life


  1. You save 50% time and cost. Get your time and focus back on what matters. Hire a professional, get professional results. We have built PG Dating Pro and we know it inside out. Freelance developers require more time to customize the PG-based software, while poor knowledge of its details leads to more expenses. We have both experience and professional instruments like Scrum, Kanban, Agile. Ask for free estimation and compare price and timeframes.

  2. Unblock your business on a budget. Bring on the knowledge and experience you need without the cost and commitment of a full-time employee, so you can stay on track.

  3. Save money with our ready-made features. We regularly post new apps and integrations in the Dating Pro App Store. Ready modules help you save time and money on the development. Tell us your requirements and we'll help you choose the most fitting add-ons from our App Store.

  4. 100% project completion guarantee. 78% of all projects were finished on time. View CSM's: team, SLA, feedbacks and NPS:


Frequently Asked Questions

Request a free estimate. Get it within 1-2 business days


What services do you provide

Create a job to connect with your personal Customer Success Managers (CSM) who can increase your sales, make your website and mobile apps stand out, and more. Your personal CSM will attract the programmers, designers, marketers and the right professionals who can do all your jobs or tasks.

This is the list of possible modifications that can help make your website unique and adjust it to your specific needs:

  • modification and adjustment of existing functionality for all versions of PG Dating Pro software
  • development of additional functionality
  • design template integration
  • integration of third-party payment gateways
  • integration of various third-party systems and software solutions
  • marketing
  • find new growth points. Boost your sales.
  • investment promotion

Webmaster services include:

  • Applying color schemes;
  • Uploading logotype;
  • Editing profile fields and other forms with built-in editors;
  • Posting pictures, videos, banners, text content to the website;
  • Managing integrated solutions by third-parties;
  • Solving hosting-related issues;
  • Overall site management using the built-in functionality;
  • Any other work that does not include creative efforts from designer and/or developer.


Note: Creative work by designer and web-developer, such as creating new banners, implementing unique design templates, changing code and database, is considered customization and is quoted extra.

Quick Start - Support for deployment for faster rollout. What we can offer:

  • Architecture/Environment Review
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Monitoring


Upgrade and Scale - Review of current project and upgrade environment. What we can offer:

  • Architecture/Environment Review
  • Upgrade Plan and Execution
  • Best Practices
  • Customizations and Integrations Review


Design Session - Create a robust solution design based on use case, business objectives and other critical factors. What we can offer:

  • Discuss Use Case
  • Business and Technical Requirements
  • Reference Architecture
  • Best Practices
  • Sizing Exercise

Data Migration - Support migration to Dating Pro. What we can offer:

  • Architecture/Environment Review
  • Data Migration
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Integration Assistance
  • Knowledge Transfer

Implementation Consulting - Implementation of solutions based on Dating Pro as per the best practices and experience of Dating Pro itself. What we can offer:

  • Business and Technical Requirements Review
  • Solution Design and Implementation Plan
  • Best Practices
  • Implementation or guidance for the development of your project.
  • Compatible with external systems and analytics dashboards.

Money Back Guarantee

How does it work?

  1. Dating Pro transfers money to the Customer Success Manager team only when the customer has checked and accepted the order.

  2. Split your large project into several parts. Accept in installments.

Money can be refunded:

  1. Within 1 business day if the order is cancelled by the buyer on the first day. after the start

  2. Within 1 business day if seller and buyer agreed to cancel order

  3. Within 1 business day if the order is not executed properly or completely


How it works

1 Chat with us

  1. Tell us about your project. We work with NDA, no data leaks. Send us your idea details, and we'll evaluate it and advise.

  2. We will make a full description of the project, provide the estimate and the timeframe.

  3. We will provide you with your personal account manager and a team for your project.


2 Your first order

For your first order, you get
2 hours of custom development at $20/hour rate - and the example project plan for a dating site and apps as a bonus.

3 Project implementation

  1. Your personal manager is always available and ready to help with all questions.

  2. All members of development team are in touch with you. Each step of work is presented with detailed description.

100% Completion guarantee

You are fully satisfied with our work. We will be glad to work with you on your next project.

How to get your order quickly

Make an advance payment to reserve the start date of the order. After receiving a preliminary estimate on the project. We regularly schedule team loads on your projects:

After you have modified the code of PG Dating Pro, will the PG Dating Pro upgrade be still available? (new release, minor release, etc.)

You will still be entitled to obtaining a new version of the product, either for free within 6-12 months after initial purchase, or for additional fee, after the 6-12 months period expires. However updates are done automatically and will most likely override all customization changes in code and design. That is why manual update is recommended. It is quoted extra. Changes in site content (language files etc.) and database are usually saved.

Do you require upfront payments for custom work?

  1. Yes, normally we work on a 100% prepaid basis. You can pay for the whole project at once or pay upfront for different stages of the project.

  2. We also offer to split the payments: 75% upfront and 25% upon completion. In this case, your site will be hosted on our server without direct access to the site files and the database.


Can I modify my site and apps ?

Yes, of course. You can do it yourself, or you can contact the Customer Success Managers – the experienced in-house team of professionals.

Questionnaire. Tell us about your project.

Send us your completed questionnaire. We could also discuss it over the phone, perhaps, it would be even more efficient. Please inform us what date/time is the most convenient for you and send your phone number.


Dating Pro Customization Service helps Dating Owners to get custom features which are not yet implemented “Out of the box”.


There is no charge to submit a request and receive an estimate. Just tell us about your needs! We'd love to hear more to understand what you're aiming for.

  1. Your website link

  2. Your app link

  3. How did you come up to the idea of launching your own dating platform?

  4. Is this your first online-project?

  5. What's the main purpose of creation your own platform? Would you like to earn money or you have altruistic motives?

  6. Are you the only person who's involved in the project? Are there involved any partners or investors?

  7. What niche have you chosen? Who’s going to be your target audience?

  8. When are you going to launch the project? Have you got any deadlines?

  9. Is there a budget we need to meet?

  10. What metrics or key results you want to achieve. Plan Fact

  11. Do you have any technical enquiries / statement of work (a list of desired features) for us to work through?

  12. Select what kind of feature you need:

    For your first order, you get 2 hours of custom development at $20/hour rate - and the example project plan for a dating site and apps as a bonus. All above at $55/hour. The minimum quote is 2 hours- 40 excl. taxes.

    Feature comparison


    ProfIt Max

    $20 for the first 2 hours



    Cost of work per hour


    $180 (out of turn)

    1. I need a specific feature for my dating service. 

      1. Please, provide a description of a feature you are requesting to be developed. How should it work? Why do you want to add it in your store? What task will it solve?

      2. If you have any materials to illustrate your request, attach them here

        Screenshots, videos, PDFs, instructions, etc.

      3. Are there websites you would like to use as a referrence?

    2. I need help with changing the dating site/app layout. 

      1. Please, provide a detailed description of the changes you would like to apply. For example, "I would like to have a menu like on this website:"

      2. If you have any materials to illustrate your request, attach them here

        Screenshots, videos, PDFs, instructions, etc.

    3. I need to integrate a 3rd party service into my dating service. 

      1. How will your Dating Pro and 3rd party service work together? What kind of data will they exchange and when? Why do you want this integration to be developed? What task will it solve?

      2. Provide a link to 3rd party service's API documentation page


Feel free to contact us, We'd here to assist you.