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Private videos - Allow select people to watch private videos

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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Private videos will be hidden from watching until the owner gives you permission to watch them

This add-on will allow your site members to:
-hide the uploaded videos they don`t want everybody to watch
-keep them more engaged in communicating with other members to get access to private videos


Private videos feature gives your dating site members the opportunity to hide some or all of the videos in their gallery and prompt other users to request permission to watch the videos. 

This is how it works: A person visits someone`s profile and wants to watch their private videos. She or he then sends a request to the videos` owner. If the latter decides to grant the permission, all their private videos become visible to the requester. The permission is not limited by any period or by an amount of videos and can be revoked by the owner at any time.


This is how it will work on your dating apps: 


And this is how it works on your dating website: 

Access to private videos can become a paid service that the site member will be able to pay for directly on the site. The site admin defines the cost of the service and splits the earnings with the videos` owner by setting up a commission rate in the admin mode of the site. 


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