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Prototype of Questions after Matching — More conversations, more paid subscriptions

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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From $99.00
With this ice-breaking tool, users ask each other questions and give their own answers

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How to move more of your users from the "just matched" step to their first chat?


The Questions add-on will help you do that! Increase the number of users with a mutual match to the first dialogue.


Don't lose these potential customers:

  • Those who don't start chatting.
  • Those who don't know what to write.

You don't have to lose this revenue.


With Questions add-on you'll:

    1. Increase the number of people communicating after a mutual match.
    2. Get first messages that are both interesting questions and really help start the dialogue.
    3. Reduce the number of users who don't know what to ask after the match.
    4. Help your users stand out among other candidates with the original content of the question. Instead of the annoying and ubiquitous "Hey", "How are you?" and "What are you doing?"
    5. Reduce the time people need to start hitting off.
    6. Add an extra type of search for the intellectual users - through a special search through questions.
    7. Make the use of questions optional. It only depends on the users' wishes.

It's a popular problem when people don't know what to ask in the conversation. For example:

How it works:

    1. It shows questions for both daters. We reduce the losses of those who do not know what to ask by adding ready-made questions, better than "what's up".
    2. Your users will be able to choose the questions themselves:
      • By searching for a specific keyword:
      • If there's no such keyword, they'll see the most popular questions:
      • By looking through the most popular topics:
    3. The questions are added by the admin of the platform and highlighted by popularity through the rating module:
    4. If you add the Google Translate integration, it can translate your questions to 100+ languages to increase coverage.
    5. If a question was already asked in this or other chats, it won't be displayed:
    6. Once the user replies to a question without answering something in return, they'll see the Questions widget as well. As the answers with dots freeze the conversation:
    7. Every user will have an optional field with a question:

      Which will be displayed in the widget when you chat with this person:
    8. For intellectual users, there's an extra search feature with questions based on the latest filters (gender, age, location):

As the platform owner in the admin panel, you'll have:

    1. List of questions.
    2. An option to upload a file with questions.
    3. An option to edit or create one question at a time.
    4. An option to group questions by tags and topics
    5. An option to enable synchronization of questions with other users
    6. An integration to translate questions into 100+ languages to increase your coverage.

Why this add-on will work?

They use this feature in Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid and other dating platforms.


Pilot launch - unlimited use.
What's included:

  • More paid subscriptions
  • Better conversion to first messages and then to matches
  • Additional settings in your admin panel
  • Customer segmentation
  • Your users statistics
  • Automated interactions with the clients


You will receive a full refund if we do not deliver the add-on within the time frame specified in the contract.