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Push Notifications - Use Firebase service to send push notifications across all platforms

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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Use Firebase Cloud Messaging service to send push notifications across different platforms: iOS, Android, web,

⇒ Cross-platform solution for sending notifications from your site/app
⇒ Release with confidence and no costs
⇒ Stay connected with your members
⇒ No coding required


Firebase Cloud Messaging service is a fine way to send notifications across platforms: iOS, Android, web (check the list of supported browsers). No extra fee is payable to the notifications provider. Other advantages of the Firebase system include greater reliability and a lower toll on the battery power.


How it will work on your dating apps:


This is the list of notifications that your site and app members will be receiving, even when the site and app are closed:

-someone sends them a new message
-someone is viewing their profile
-there is a new member who meets their search criteria
-a friend is online right now


You are welcome to order different types of notifications for both your site and mobile apps.