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Geo search (ideas)


Customer Ideas:

Add the ability to switch km / miles distance in the control panel

Show, through modern technology, a more accurate distance between users in: LikeMe and in the profile.

If the GPS is disabled, then do not show the distance. Do not display distance "0 km"

With Yandex maps, the radius is not displayed in the nearest user module, as in Google maps. Instead of multiple users in the same location, only one is displayed when hovering over the marker.

"People near me" app

Now it is possible to search on the map up to the city.

If you reduce the search radius to 0km, then the search radius will not decrease. Users from the same city will be displayed.

Add search by device geolocation by asking user for permission

It is necessary to add the option to select the radius in the search in mobile applications:

1) choose a location;

2) a radius selection appears, as on the site.