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AppCues integration – User onboarding, surveys, feature announcements

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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Build engaging onboarding experiences to improve activation and help your users find ongoing success with your website

⇒ Create interactive guides with our user-friendly `No-code` solution
⇒ Attract new site members and engage them
⇒ Drive Conversions & Sales

Increase the user`s engagement with our Appcues add-on. It will help your new users get comfortable on the site and understand all the functionality. This wizard can greatly improve user’s retention.

Appcues add-on works by adding a small amount of code to your dating site that allows to identify the user, judge what content they should see (based on your settings), and show that content on the site.

You can show them onboarding tours, tooltips, features announcements, create surveys – all in one place and without coding.

People will appreciate your concern. Increase the user’s adoption and get more loyal customers.