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Compatibility percentage in search - Love meter for your users

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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Help your site members find their perfect match with this love meter tool!

This feature is a great way to:
⇒ help your site members find their perfect match
⇒ help them save time by displaying how compatible they are right away


Gain your customers` trust and loyalty by providing them useful tools for reaching their goals.

People hardly ever want to spend their time chatting with someone only to find out that they have nothing in common. Why not give them a chance to save their time? Expand the block of fields about their preferred partners to include more parameters, and immediately tell the user if this person matches their basic preferences.


This is how it may work on your dating apps: 

The list of these parameters is taken from the list of the user’s profile fields, which are added by the administrator during the creation of the site.