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Sift integration: Prevent all types of online fraud

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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Make your website a safer place for your users. Stop spammers, scammers, and other bad actors

⇒ Everything you need to secure site members accounts and payments on your site
⇒ Grow revenue without risk
⇒ Machine learning solutions for fraud prevention


Sift is a complete fraud-fighting platform that helps sites and apps navigate the fine balance between growing revenue and protecting their business. This platorm protects your business in 3 directions: payment protection, content integrity, account defence.


Payment protection detects a full range of payment fraud and stops a fraudulent behavior.
Content integrity helps you to block about 90 % of spam, scams, and other malicious content.
Account defence prevents the losses from account takeover attacks.<.p>


Protect your brand – make your dating site a place of trust and safety.