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Prototype: 100% identical features across all channels (web, mobile apps, chatbots) on the DatingPro platform.

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Dating site owners using the DatingPro platform face challenges in managing the functionality of the mobile app through the admin panel. Some settings available on the website cannot be applied or modified in the mobile app. This creates a discrepancy between the functions of the web version and the app, leading to confusion and dissatisfaction among users.

This can reduce the quality of the user experience, leading to decreased user engagement, increased churn, and ultimately, a decrease in revenue.

Developing and implementing improved integration between the admin panel and the mobile app will allow site administrators to configure and synchronize features between the website and the app. This includes updating software and APIs to ensure full compatibility and functionality across all platforms.

Improved consistency and uniformity in the user experience on the website and in the mobile app will increase user satisfaction, fostering their engagement and loyalty. This, in turn, can lead to increased user activity, subscriber growth, and consequently, an increase in revenue.

Providing a customization service that includes analyzing current capabilities of the site and mobile app, developing necessary functional updates, and integrating them. This will allow dating site administrators to easily configure and update features of both the website and mobile app through a unified control panel, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in content and user feature management.