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A prototype of a virtual dating simulator to improve relationship skills

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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A talking AI-powered matchmaking app that will ask you questions to learn more about your personality and preferences and then match with the most suitable people.

⇒ Improve user retention by implementing a virtual dating simulator and increase user loyalty and engagement.
⇒ Engage a wide audience and open up new markets by enriching your dating platform with innovative learning approaches.


Price $99 is not an exact price. Why?     Request a free quote


How it works:



Interactive dating scenarios
Artificial intelligence creates realistic and interactive dating scenarios where users can practice different aspects of a relationship. This includes dialogs, conflict resolution and expressing feelings, helping to learn how to communicate effectively and understand your partner.


Analysis and feedback
At the end of a scenario, ii provides feedback by analyzing the user's reactions and choices in different situations. This helps identify strengths and weaknesses in communication skills and suggests ways to improve them.


Personalized lessons and recommendations
Based on the analysis of user behavior, the system tailors lessons and recommendations to develop specific skills. This may include tips on improving body language, ways to start a conversation, or listening and responding skills, making learning as personalized and effective as possible.


The final cost includes the integration and monthly payment based on the volume of processed content: texts and images.


To get the full price, contact us.


Why this add-on will work?

The Virtual Dating Simulator to Improve Relationship Skills feature offers a safe and interactive environment to sharpen social skills and confidence, which is especially valuable for users who struggle in real-life relationships. It is used by dating platforms such as Tinder, Bumble, Eharmony, Hinge and Okcupid.


How much does it cost? 
We made the AI moderation feature available to small dating businesses.
The price starts from $99. You can request a quote for only a part of for all of the features suitable for your niche.

Pilot launch - unlimited use.
What's included:

• More paid subscriptions
• Better conversion to first messages and then to matches
• Additional settings in your admin panel
• Paid Besedo integration
• Customer segmentation
• Your users statistics
• Automated interactions with the clients

You will receive a full refund if we do not deliver the add-on within the time frame specified in the contract.