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Dating App Made with Flutter

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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$1,980.00 $2,640.00

Benefits of Dating Pro Flutter:


⇒ 1.5 times savings in development costs.
⇒ Beneficial for medium and large projects
⇒ Get applications faster
⇒ Install, Run and Monetize!


What's the difference between Dating Pro Native and Flutter Dating Pro Native is 100% functional. It's written in Swift. Dating Pro Flutter is 70% functionality. Written in Flutter.

Articles about the differences between swift and flutter: source 1, source 2

Want to see the current version of Dating Pro Flutter mobile apps ? Contact sales What is included in it. And what's the cost. Order all or part of it.

1.$1980 for UI like Dating Pro Native.

2. Features 1 in 1 as in Dating Pro Native apps (view demo) $6720 - 100% Dating Pro Native capabilities Discounted price: $6720 - 30% = $4400 Discount our participation as crowdfunding sponsors. We need this version to speed up development of Dating Pro mobile apps.

We will rebrand the apps with your logotype and help you publish them on app stores under your developer accounts. You will have full control over the features and users.


You will have full control over the features and users.You will be able to order any customization and design changes from our experts` team. The apps can be adjusted to match any dating niche, including speed dating, matchmaking, social networking, classifieds, and more.



You will receive free support from us via live chat, email, phone, on Facebook and Twitter.


This is a list of the main features that come with the apps:


- Sign up and sign in

- Social sign-on

- Search

- Personal profile

- Viewing other people`s profiles

- Multiple languages support

- LikeMe photo rating

- Menu indicators

- Friends list and friends requests

- Instant messenger (one-on-one communication)

- Report user and blacklist

- List of paid services

- Stripe payment system

- In-app Billing

- Kisses

- Guests

- Nearest users + GPS location

- Virtual gifts

- File exchange

- Video chat

- IM chat emojis



$1999 Dating Pro team uploads your app to your Google Play Store/App Store accounts. The approval may take up to 2 weeks and longer. You can also post your app for approval yourself, we will provide you with the APK file/release build.What to do step by step 1. Contact us. 1. See the current version of Dating Pro Flutter mobile apps Send a description of your project. 2. 2. Get a free refinement estimate on Flutter from: 1. Project development 2. Connect UI design. 3. Publish in stores 3. Split the payment into parts and pay the first part. 4. Receive published apps.Contact sales