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Prototype of Blind Date

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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Blind Date lets you chat with someone on platform before you match, but as the name suggests, you won’t be able to view the other person’s profile until you match.


How it Works



Join in on the experience every day. You’ll answer a series of icebreaker questions and get paired with a potential match. Once two people are matched based on their icebreaker answers, they've got just thirty seconds to have a conversation before deciding to swipe right or left. Because it's a timed chat, you really need to make the most of it!


If you swipe right and get a match, then you'll have access to the other person's full profile information and pictures. And if you swipe left, you'll be given another conversation partner and you can start all over again.


You can leave the chat at any time, otherwise, it’ll expire after a set amount of turns or if someone takes too long to reply. Once expired, you’ll immediately see that person in your card stack, where you can send them a Like or Super Like and hope it’s a match!

People using the new feature landed more matches than with traditional swiping. In fact, they put the number as high as 40% more matches! With numbers like that, it can't hurt to give the new blind date experience a chance.