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Livestreaming solution: let your users stream live with immersive audio and video


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Watching videos online has been an indispensable part of most people's daily lives. And our live streaming solution will allow your users to watch, chat, and support streamers with digital gifts.



There are two ways to let users start live streaming on your site and apps: 

1) All users can start streams (can be set as a paid service / membership level access only)

2) During the registration process they can set their profiles either as streamers or viewers.


Users would be able to launch free or paid live streams:



Streamers would be able:

  • Free chat is free, paid chat earns them tokens per minute;
  • Get tips / donations from viewers;
  • See the number of viewers; the duration of the current stream session; how much is earned (through tips AND cost-per-minute);
  • Kick a Client out of the stream.


Viewers will be able to:

  • Search for available live streams; 
  • Access to the shared stream chat and talk to other viewers and the streamer;  
  • Send tips / donations.



The Streamers will be able to set up their own prices for paid live streams. The admin sets up a commission that goes to the website and is deducted from the streamer's price. 

  • All earnings are stored on the user’s internal site account
  • Streamers can withdraw them to their PayPal account
  • Admin sets up a minimum amount withdrawal threshold (i.e. 15USD). 


This is the basic functionality of the Live Streaming solution. If you have any additional requests or questions, feel free to contact us in our live chat!