Dating Pro Start
Dating Pro Start lets you create a functional dating site. By adding extra features, you will be able to construct your own package and unlock the potential of your niche idea.
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Adult content shield - Protect your users from adult content add-on
Shield your users from adult content until they agree to view it
Incomplete signup - Keep track of failed registration attempts add-on
Keep track of the site visitors who failed to register and get back to offer them assistance or a bonus to join
Horoscopes - Daily or weekly horoscope feeds add-on
Equip your site members with daily and weekly horoscope predictions
Gender-specific profile questions add-on
Gender-specific profile questions are a good fit for niche solutions such as matchmaking agencies, and more
Thank You page - Display advantages of the new purchase add-on
+From $800.00
Use this page to show the advantages of the new purchase and connect the page to analytics to track conversions
Photo verification - Repeat a gesture or a pose add-on
+From $240.00
Help your dating site members prove that they are genuine people and are not using stolen photos
Security by IP - Block access add-on
Create a blacklist of IP addresses, close access to your dating site to selected countries
Access to user correspondence add-on
Control all the messages on the site and take immediate action if any inappropriate advances come up
After-login setup - Manage the first impression add-on
Choose what people will see on your dating site after they log in or sign up
Profile doctor - Dating coaching from professionals add-on
Offer your site members profile optimisation and dating coaching from professionals to improve their dating situation
Logout page - Advertise to people who sign out add-on
+From $120.00
Create a promo page that your site members will see after they sign out
Premium custom and design changes service
Make your dating site unique! A dedicated team will help tailor the site to your specific requirements
Promo codes - Activate discounts and special offers add-on
Activate discounts and special offers on your dating site with promo codes
Extended registration - Multi-step registration for better profiles add-on
Make registration on your dating website a multi-step process
Reason for content rejection add-on
Let people know why you decided to reject their photo, audio or video file and how they can improve
User activities statistics - Focus on the most popular areas add-on
+From $960.00
Stats on user activities will help you focus on the areas where improvements will likely bring the most results
Uber integration - Get a ride to meet integration
Integration with Uber will help your dating app members get a ride to meet each other
Quick links - Direct access to singles add-on
Direct access to search results in a certain city or by a certain gender
E-mail notification based on saved search criteria add-on
Let people subscribe to receive notifications every time there is a new user matching their criteria
Instagram login - Create an account with Instagram add-on
Let people create an account on your dating site with their Instagram credentials
Countries plugin - Pick how your users will indicate location add-on
Use the Countries plugin to manage the way people select their location on your dating site
Fourth level of locations - For super small or super large areas add-on
Let your site members indicate their neighbourhood or city area
Last activity - Sort people by their latest visit to the dating site add-on
People will be able to see when their matches have last been online
Verification with social network add-on
+From $160.00
Let your site members enjoy the advantages of extra personal verification
Sign up widget - Invite people from partner websites to join add-on
+From $200.00
Show sign up form on third-party web pages to bring more visitors to your dating website
Site status - Under construction or Coming soon add-on
Easily switch on the Under construction or Coming soon mode
Custom admin URL - Protect your control panel add-on
Custom admin URL protects the control panel of your site by blocking access by a default link
Registration SMS verification for Dating Pro add-on
Protect your site from spam and bots. Confirm phone numbers of the new users
Universal Password - Log in as members to solve issues add-on
Log in as any site member using a universal password to help them solve any issues
Special profile fields editor add-on
+From $200.00
Special profile fields editor gives you many opportunities to fine-tune your site
Most popular services - How much you earn from every service add-on
Learn how much money each of the popular site services brings you
Imitation bot - Involve new site members into communication add-on
+From $640.00
Immediately involve your new site members into communication
User onboarding for new members add-on
+From $999.00
Get new members to understand how your site works and show them how it will improve their lives
Single region mode add-on
+From $900.00
Perfect solution if you are targeting an audience from a certain region or area
User activity log - Know what your users have been up to add-on
Keep track of the site members' activity with this simple tool
Backup - Manage your database from control panel add-on
Manage your dating site's database directly from the control panel of your site
Postbacks for affiliate programs integration
Integrate your dating site with the affiliate program of your choice
Membership upgrade fee - Discount on membership upgrade add-on
+From $480.00
Give your site users a discount on a new membership while their current membership is still active
Location targeting for banners add-on
Target your banner ads to the geographic locations of your choice

Attracting attention

Birthdays - Learn who celebrates their birthday add-on
Show which of your site members are celebrating their birthday
Events - Join events, invite people to join add-on
Events that people can join, comment on, exchange photos, and invite other site members to join and have fun.
Associations - Break the ice by sending a picture add-on
Associations help people start a conversation simply by exchanging pictures
Ratings - Rate user profiles, photos, videos and songs add-on
Let your site members rate each other's profiles and media files, and view the list of Top Members
Audio uploads - Post songs, audio messages add-on
People will be able to upload and exchange their favourite songs, podcasts, and other files that come in the audio format
New users widget add-on
Show newly registered users on third-party web pages to bring more visitors to your website
Referral links - Invite friends add-on
Your site members will be able to earn bonuses by inviting friends to join the site
Chat invitation widget add-on
Show chat invitation on third-party web pages to bring more visitors to your website
Nearest users - Find people near you add-on
Add a new search page with an interactive map to your site
Online Status - Assigned by the system add-on
This tool randomly marks people as "online now" on the site
Photo slider in search results add-on
Photo slider will attract more attention to a user profile directly in the search results
Pop-up banner - Announce events and promo offers add-on
Announce events and special offers with the help of a special pop-up window
Search widget - Promote your site on partner websites add-on
Show a search widget on your partners' web pages to bring more visitors to your website
Featured users widget add-on
Show featured users on third-party web pages to bring more visitors to your website
Automatic scrolling of the carousel add-on
Moving photos in the carousel will catch everyone's eye immediately
Users counter - Show how many users you have add-on
Attract more people to your website by placing a users counter on the main page
Online users - Show people who are online now add-on
Display online users on the main page of your dating site
Personal background - Make profile page unique for a small fee add-on
Users can pay to change the background for their profile page to make it unique
Selected users widget add-on
Show selected users on third-party web pages to bring more visitors to your website
Homepage users & photos blocks add-on
Pick which of the users and photos you want to show on the home page
Recommended users - Increase engagement by showing similar users add-on
Automatically display recommended users to increase engagement
Private photos - Allow select people to view private photos add-on
Private photos will be hidden from view until the owner gives you permission to view them
Describe yourself - Short tags that are easy to select add-on
Profile questions for the members of your dating site that are convenient to answer and review
Special photo gallery - Attract more new registrations add-on
+From $320.00
Photo gallery for the landing page of your dating site
Live video streaming - Connect person's YouTube channel to their profile add-on
Add live video streaming to your dating site by connecting to users' personal YouTube channels
Personal profile quiz - Help people present themselves in the best light add-on
Personal profile quiz will help your site members create more comprehensive profiles and meet better matches
Guessing game - Daily selection of singles add-on
Guessing game: Guess who liked you from a daily selection of users
Personal profile statistics - Give people insight into how attractive their profile is add-on
+From $1,000.00
Give your users insight into their activity and overall attractiveness of their profiles
Video introduction - Get to know someone before going on a date add-on
Let people get a glimpse of their matches in real life before going on a date
Mark location on map - Also decide on the zoom level add-on
Let your site members mark their location on the map if they want to
Popularity boost - Motivate your users to become more popular add-on
+From $300.00
Motivate your dating site users to become more popular, to be seen by more people and to get more matches
Collect photos from Instagram add-on
Let your users connect to Instagram and import their best Instagram pictures and videos to their profiles
Profile photos management - Change profile photo faster add-on
Site members will be able to update their profile photos quickly and easily by selecting any other photo the gallery
Slot machine - Win a free message or a free call, more add-on
+From $1,600.00
Slot machine is a fun game for the members of your dating site
Crossing paths - Find people who frequent the same places as you add-on
+From $1,000.00
Let your site members see who they have crossed paths with, like in the happn app
Profile visibility - Extra exposure for a dating profile add-on
Let your site members decide if they want extra exposure for their profiles
Guaranteed search results add-on
Only show the countries where you have users so people aren't upset by lack of results

Communication tools

RocketChat - Open source solution for text and video communication add-on
RocketChat is a popular and free open source chat that includes video communication
Messaging centre - Communication in one place add-on
+From $450.00
Messaging Centre is a great way to let your site members communicate directly on your dating website.
RocketChat Special Design add-on
Use RocketChat tool with a special design for its web version on your dating website
Companions - Find travel companions add-on
Companions plugin creates an online space where your site members can look for travel companions or someone to go to an event with.
Response rate - How quick are people to respond add-on
Your dating site members will know how often this or that site user responds to messages
Pay-per-minute video chat add-on
+From $640.00
Let your site members enjoy video communication and earn money at the same time
Dating Site Operator - Manage communication between site members add-on
Improve communication between your site members by adding an interpreter or a matchmaker to the mix
Tickets - Contact any site member add-on
Initiate contact with any site user and let authorized members contact you directly
Members display permissions add-on
Limit people from viewing members of the same gender on your dating website. Perfect for traditional sites
Language by IP address - Detect user language add-on
Offer people an appropriate language version of your site based on their browser locale
Groups - Join groups, share and discuss ideas add-on
Groups are meant to unite people based on their common interests
Forum for Dating Pro - Building communities add-on
Forum is about discussions, comments, and building a community around topics of interest
Stickers - For better communication add-on
Add stickers to enhance the communication opportunities of your site members
Couple Profile - Users of different relationship configurations are welcome add-on
Make your website open to people of different relationship configurations and romantic ideologies
Internal notes - Never forget what you were talking about add-on
Internal notes will only be visible to the author. They will help keep track of conversations with multiple people
Blog - User diaries, discussions add-on
Let your site members start their own blogs, add images, and exchange comments
Giphy - Exchange funny gifs integration
+From $600.00
Let your site members exchange funny GIFs from the largest database of GIF files
Secure VoIP calls - Make calls online integration
Secure calls online, without the risk of giving away someone's phone number
Questions - Ask a question to start a conversation add-on
With this ice-breaking tool, users ask each other questions and give their own answers
WhatsApp - Share content with friends on WhatsApp integration
Let people share the content of your dating site with their friends on WhatsApp
Un-like a person to never hear about them again add-on
Let users un-like a person if they never want to receive reminders about this person again
Matchmaking bot - Help people create a profile and find matches add-on
Help people find matches on your dating site by talking to a bot in a popular messenger
Anonymous chat - Let people get to know each other by talking add-on
Let your site members randomly connect to people. They will have a chance to truly get to know each other by talking, before seeing any pictures
Video speed dating - Chatroulette for your dating site add-on
Video speed dating is like a chatroulette for your dating website
Date ideas - Help site members plan a perfect date add-on
Date ideas feature is meant to make it easier to plan for a date by helping people agree on what to do and where to go
Dating helper bot - Help people build a profile and start a dialogue add-on
+From $1,600.00
Use Dating helper bot to help people build a profile, or to improve their communication skills, or more
Like notifications - Learn when someone likes you add-on
+From $200.00
Give your site members a conversation starter, or an incentive to continue communication
Verified user perks add-on
+From $600.00
Give extra options to people who verify their profiles
Special activity notifications for mobile apps add-on
Special activity notifications appear in the mobile version and apps and include gifts and guests reminders, more
Like reactions - Emoji reactions like on Facebook add-on
Expand the emotion range of your site's like reactions
Repost for activity wall - Increase engagement by reposting add-on
Increase engagement on your dating site by letting people repost each other's posts and wall events
Google Translate for user correspondence integration
Google Translate integrates with the mailbox and messenger on your dating site so people who speak different languages can communicate freely
Firebase Cloud Messaging - Push notifications integration
+From $120.00
Use Firebase Cloud Messaging service to send push notifications across different platforms: iOS, Android, web

Earning tools

Virtual gifts - Exchange gifts for a fee add-on
Let your site members exchange virtual gifts for a small fee
Yandex.Money payment gateway integration
Yandex.Money makes online payments more convenient, secure, and accessible
Gift store - Sell all types of merchandise from your site add-on
Sell your own branded merchandise on your dating site or display goods and offers by flower shops, jewellers, and so on
Special offers - Create promo offers easily add-on
Create promo offers that will include the desired action and a reward, as well as the timeframe for limited offers.
Virtual currency - Coins, points, your own currency add-on
People will pay real money to convert it to your site's own currency at an exchange rate that you get to set
Stripe payment system integration
Stripe offers a flexible set of tools and functionality for modern commerce
Google AdSense - Earn money by displaying ads add-on
Google AdSense is a free, simple way to earn money by displaying targeted ads next to your online content payment system integration
Authorize.Net is a popular payment solution for online merchants
Pencepay payment system integration
Pencepay optimizes checkout for mobile devices and presents it in a local language and currency
Robokassa payment system integration
ROBOKASSA combines dozens of online and offline payment options for your convenience
Skrill payment system integration
Skrill supports payments and money transfers with the focus on low-cost international money transfers
Webmoney payment system integration
Accept payments from your customers online and via bank transfers
SMSCoin payment system integration
SMSCoin supports payments from hundreds of mobile carriers worldwide
Recurring payments with Stripe add-on
Enable recurring payments with Stripe on your dating site
Fortumo payment system integration
Fortumo provides payment solutions for web, mobile web and native app monetization
Paygol payment system integration
Paygol makes it easy and safe to pay for virtual and digital goods
Bonuses - Reward people for certain actions add-on
Let people receive bonuses for certain actions on your site and convert bonus points into real money
Secret gifts - Guessing game add-on
A person has to guess who sent them a secret gift so they both can earn
Bitcoin - Accept payments with Bitcoin integration
Accept payments on your dating site with Bitcoin
CCBill payment gateway integration
CCBill is a great solution for online dating sites, both on the adult dating and mainstream dating markets
Verotel payment system integration
Verotel system supports high-risk entertainment websites, including dating websites
Recurring payments through PayPal add-on
Enable recurring payments with PayPal on your dating site
Recurring payments through CCBill add-on
Enable recurring payments with CCBill on your dating site
Free Trial membership - Premium features for a limited time add-on
Let your site members enjoy all the privileges of a paid group for a limited period of time
Virtual gifts categories add-on
+From $320.00
Add thematic categories to your selection of virtual gifts to mark different occasions
Discount coupons for membership groups add-on
Create coupon codes for different membership groups and pick your discount
Discount coupons for paid services add-on
Create coupon codes for paid services on your dating site. It can be % of the service cost or a fixed amount of money
Advert-free site experience add-on
Hide ads for premium members to give them the best experience on your site
Google AdMob - Display banners in your app integration
Use the widely popular AdMob service to display ad banners in your dating apps
M-Pesa payment system integration
M-Pesa is the most popular online payment gateway in Kenya
Referral system - Advanced commission statistics add-on
Give your site members a chance to earn and to track their earnings
Favourites Unlock - See who likes you add-on
People will pay to view who added them to favourites. Curiosity may or may not have killed the cat, but it surely will help you earn!

Language packs

Spanish language pack language
Spanish language pack for your online dating site
Portuguese language pack language
Portuguese language version for your online dating website
Dutch language pack language
Dutch language pack for your dating website
German language pack language
German language version for your dating website
Norwegian language pack language
Norwegian language version for your online dating service
Chinese Simplified language pack language
Chinese Simplified language pack for your dating website
Thai language pack language
Thai language version for your dating website
Danish language pack language
Danish language pack for your dating site
French language pack language
French language version for your dating site
Order translation to new language service
+From $50.00
Do your site members live in different counties and speak different languages? Help them communicate freely


Standard design integration service
This design service means that we apply the new colour scheme and change the main page of your website. Contact us for more info
Black and Orange dating website dating website
Order a dating website complete with a unique design based on the Black and Orange design theme
Pink dating website with unique design dating website
Order a unique dating website complete with the design based on the Pink design theme
Orange dating website dating website
You receive a dating website with the special Orange design theme, and an updated colour palette across the website
Violet dating website with unique design theme dating website
You receive a dating website with the Violet design theme, and an updated colour palette applied across the website
Yoghurt Blueberry dating website dating website
Order a dating website complete with a unique design based on the Yoghurt Blueberry design theme
Blue and Gray dating website dating website
You receive a dating website with the Blue and Gray design theme, and an updated colour palette applied across the website
Tomato and Sea Green dating website dating website
Order a dating website with a unique design based on the Tomato and Sea Green design theme
Canva button integration - Advanced photo editor integration
Embed a design tool on your website. Let your site members create amazing designs
Tinder clone with setup, design, and backend service
+From $1,500.00
Tinder clone app for iOS platform. Setup, backend and design services come with the package
Unique design integration service
This service is about adding a ready design template to your website. You can bring in a design template that you created yourself or purchased elsewhere.
Unique template design service
+From $1,500.00
You receive a unique design template for your website along with the source files (PSD, PNG)
Landings - Connect landing pages to your website add-on
Easily connect HTML landing pages to your dating website to segment incoming traffic and more
Adaptive Gallery, cascading grid layout add-on
Unusual, visually stunning layout for the search results on your dating website
Cover Photo - Special background pic on user profile page add-on
Let your site members make their profile pages unique by adding imagery
Winter landing page design theme
Winter landing page will add a video background to the main page of your dating website
Summer landing page design theme
Add background video to your dating website for a great first impression
Dating Responsive WordPress Theme 49499 integration
We will integrate the WordPress Theme 49499 into your online dating website
Photo slider - Eye-catching block on the main page add-on
Photo slider adds a dynamic and eye-catching block to your site's main page


Native mobile dating app for Android add-on
Launch a mobile dating app for all devices using the Android platform
Mobile Apps for iOS & Android - Open Code add-on
Open code of the iOS and Android dating mobile applications gives you the chance to add new options and redesign your apps
Native mobile dating app for iOS add-on
+From $3,000.00
A native mobile dating app for all devices using the iOS platform, in this crowdfunding project
Book a date app - Plan a date via mobile app add-on
Make it easier to plan for a date by helping people agree on what to do and where to go


500,000 USA dating profiles database
Half a million profiles of US singles, both female and male
6,000,000 Worldwide profiles database
Six million dating profiles from across the world
1,000 USA female dating profiles database
1K female dating profiles from the United States
1,000 Ireland profiles database
Get one thousand male and female dating profiles from Ireland
1,500 United States profiles database
Fifteen hundred profiles from US, female and male
1,800 Asian female dating profiles database
Get ready dating profiles of 1,800 women from Asia
2,500 Philippines profiles database
Get dating profiles of men and women from the Philippines
2,500 Lesbian / Bisexual dating profiles database
Get 25 hundred dating profiles for your dating service aimed at LGBTQ community
3,000 Australian profiles database
3 thousand profiles of women and men from Australia
4,500 South African profiles database
Four and a half thousand profiles of people from South Africa
5,000 Male elite dating profiles database
Five thousand elite dating profiles of men from across the world
5,000 Latino dating profiles database
Five thousand of dating profiles of Latinos and Latinas
10,000 United Kingdom profiles database
Get ten thousand dating profiles of men and women from the UK
15,000 Russian profiles database
Get fifteen thousand profiles of women and men from Russia
20,000 Worldwide profiles database
Twenty thousand ready dating profiles of men and women from all over the world
70,000 Worldwide female dating profiles database
Populate your site with worldwide dating profiles of women
70,000 Australian profiles database
Get seventy thousand Australian profiles, both women and men
75,000 Canadian profiles database
Targeting singles in Canada? Populate your site with 75 thousand Canadian dating profiles
94,000 Elite profiles worldwide database
A little under one hundred thousand profiles from all over the world
112,000 United Kingdom profiles database
Populate your site with ready profiles of men and women from the UK
1,000,000 Worldwide profiles database
Get one million ready dating profiles from women and men from all over the world
115,000 Elite profiles worldwide database
An elite profile means that the photos and the user info have been through moderation
154,000 USA dating profiles database
Get 154 thousand US dating profiles, both female and male
170,000 USA adult dating profiles database
Ready dating profiles of adult-oriented singles from the United States
190,000 Russian female dating profiles database
190 thousand ready profiles of Russian women
225,000 US Adult swingers profiles database
Populate your adult dating site with ready profiles of US swingers
317,000 USA female dating profiles database
Dating profiles of women from the United States
328,000 USA dating profiles database
Get 328 thousand dating profiles of men and women from the US
410,000 Gay dating profiles database
Get over 4 hundred thousand gay dating profiles from all over the world
250 Premium dating profiles of Russian women database
Only 250 dating profiles of Russian women, quality guaranteed by the provider
Total amount: 0
Pay your share of $490 and receive the package for no extra fee once we collect the full amount and complete the development. Contact us for more details!