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AI girlfriend app. AI dating chat bot

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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From $99.00

Launch an entertaining and educational dating business that is on the cutting edge of AI trends:

1.Experience dating and friendship through an AI avatar persona, an AI dating simulator designed for learning real relationship skills.


2. Available across various messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Viber, and others, as well as in mobile applications across all app stores


This service is particularly helpful for those : 

  • Users gain confidence, learn effective communication, and better prepare for real-life dating, reducing anxiety levels and increasing the chances of successful relationships.
  • Experiencing difficulties in developing relationship skills, especially newcomers to dating or those with social anxiety. 
  • Suffering from loneliness, lack of self-confidence, and unsuccessful acquaintances.
  • Seeking a safe, simulated environment for practicing and improving relationship skills.

What does this bundle software consist of?

  1. A dating platform managed through the Dating Pro plan, including a website, mobile apps, chatbots, and a control panel with a sales funnel.
  2. Profiles for your platform generated through an AI network for creating avatars and photos, or a database of real or fake profiles.
  3. Your avatars engage in conversations with your visitors through the AI dating platform chat operator 2209.

How to launch this platform to start a business

  1. Order the development of this prototype for $99 with your preferences, for example, as described here. 

    Demo of the primitive version of the bot - AI boyfriend Thomas Login: Password: 123456 *If he is unavailable, please let us know so we can replenish his "conversation balance". We use ChatGPT models 3.5-4, and I have included examples of how it works: parameters in the code, conversation style: default, casual, or business. Prompts include profile fields of the AI girlfriend and the interested party. For example, "Imagine I am an AI girlfriend, 25 years old, with a medical education, hobbies including skiing and beer. Talking to a 20-year-old man seeking new experiences in Houston." The more parameters in the prompt, the more expensive each request becomes. For MVP any tariff from is sufficient. Regarding payments, you earn revenue on a freemium model where the first 10 requests are free, followed by a subscription fee. This is a reminder for me to more accurately describe your vision. You can connect any payment system from Payment Systems.
  2. Acquire and implement the AI software to your Dating Pro software. AI will require a monthly payment. The cost is proportional to the number of requests.
  3. Measure the growing metrics of your dating platform with our Customer Success Manager.
  1. Book a demo  Contact sales