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Prototype of Vibes — Match users based on joint events

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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From $99.00

⇒ The more Matches you have, the more paid plans will be bought.
⇒ Suggest users meeting reasons based on your niche. People love new events so they can match and go there together.


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4 reasons to add Vibes to get more matches:


    1. The feature is free to participate.
    2. People who participate in Vibes get more attention to their profiles. When the Vibe event happens, the search algorithm puts the participants on top.
    3. Common interests and views increase chances of getting mutual likes. Research showed that shared views, beliefs, or interests instantly increase interpersonal affection. This is one reason why many dating apps add a list of interests to their profiles.
    4. Vibe events are excellent conversation starters. A new general subject that encourages your partner to reply to your messages!



How does the Vibes feature work?

Vibes is a separate search based on Events - it's located under an icon at the bottom menu.

For your users, each Vibe event has a designated theme. They cover a wide range of subjects: pop culture, cooking, dating and more.


  • Welcome to Explore
    (Available daily) My Vibe….
    • Free Tonight
      • Down for something spontaneous
        • Discover
    • Let's be friends.
      • Maybe even besties
        • Discover
    • Coffee date.
      • Take me to your favorite cafe
        • Discover


(Advanced) For You



  • Recommendations based on your profile — a list of users that are free this weekend. Activated using a user's search filters.
  • Once — an option when a rare Vibes event gets available in user's area. For example, a concert.
  • In app add-ons — Additional advertising for existing services:
    • Who Liked you - a list available only to paid users;
    • Display special stickers on the user's profile — an example of such stickers:
      • Covid help: will be vaccinated soon, vaccines save lives, let's do it together, vaccinated.
    • Spotify



How will people participate:

    1. A new user receives:
      • push notification
      • in-app pop-up card
    2. When the event is available in the user's area, the button Start Vibing gets activated.
    3. When two Vibes members, they receive a red notification at the bottom menu over the Vibes icon.
    4. When a Vibe event occurs, the search algorithm prioritizes the profile of participating users.
    5. When two Vibes people match, they'll see a special Match screen with an invitation to chat - Tap to chat with
    6. Additionally, the Vibes matches will show the label (Mutual Vibes) for the next 72 hours.



How the admin controls the Vibes:

    1. In the control panel you'll be able to see the events ratings and compare to keep only the best ones.
    2. You'll create and change descriptions, improve and delete events.
    3. You'll view the Vibes matches in a separate section of your admin panel.



View admin panel demo (read only)


Add your own Vibes — Event Matches.


Why this add-on will work?
They use this feature in Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid and other dating platforms.


Pilot launch - unlimited use.What's included:

  • More paid subscriptions
  • Better conversion to first messages and then to matches
  • Additional settings in your admin panel
  • Customer segmentation
  • Your users statistics
  • Automated interactions with the clients


You will receive a full refund if we do not deliver the add-on within the time frame specified in the contract.