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Breakup Recovery App and Website for sale

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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Millions of people stumble on this journey over breakups, divorce, and unsatisfactory single lives. Breakup Freedom was created as a setup tool to help people get over their breakups so they can start dating again in a healthy way. The perfect complement to a dating site as there is unlimited potential to cross-market the two products.

The sale of the business includes all of the below ready to be marketed and monetized.

· Android App with over 32,000 installs with no marketing.

· Google Play App Developer Account, All Data, Code in Bitbucket, Design Assets 

· Trademarked Logo & Name

· & URLs

· WordPress website

· Mighty Network Community with over 1000 members

· Admob account

· Multiple affiliate accounts

· Facebook & Twitter accounts - 450/1000 followers respectively with no promotion

· Mailchimp newsletter list - 250 subscribers with no promotion

· The business does have a small amount of revenue that comes passively and we do not have the skillset or attention to effectively market the products to increase monetization

· Open to crypto and alternative sales structures