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2211 Chat Operator — Prevent users from leaving at the start of your business

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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Typical Reasons for Customer Loss on Dating Platforms

1. Initial User Base Shortage: When launching a dating service, the absence of an established base of active users can lead to a lack of interaction opportunities for new clients.
2. Incomplete User Profiles: Many members complete less than 25% of their profile, resulting in fewer likes and messages, especially if they aren't exceptionally photogenic. This lack of engagement often leads these users to abandon the platform and be hesitant about trying online dating again in the future.


Role of Chat Operators:

- Chat operators help retain customers by interacting with them through seemingly real profiles.
- They use fake profiles that are indistinguishable from real ones.
- They guide real members in completing their profiles more thoroughly.
- They encourage visitors to purchase services and premium packages on your website and apps.


Types of Users Likely to Leave the Platform:

- Users who haven't fully completed their profiles.
- Users who receive minimal attention due to a lack of a sufficient number of active users on the site or app.


Our Offered Solution Includes:

- A fake user database tailored to your niche, ensuring your site and apps appear active to new visitors. A wide variety of such databases are available in our marketplace.
- Chat bots (optional but effective when combined with the Chat Operators add-on):
  - Bots that visit profiles, like content, send messages, and add users to favorites.
  - These bots are available in our marketplace.
- Trained chat operators using fake profiles to engage with real members, keeping them active on your site and apps.
- These features are deactivate-able when no longer needed.


Benefits of the Chat Operators Add-on:

- Prevents initial visitors from leaving by ensuring they receive responses.
- Increases message exchange, facilitating easier communication on your platform.
- Engages your first proper users through fake profiles.
- Prepares members for the transition to paid services and premium packages.


Options for Chat Operators:

- Utilize your own operators or try our trained specialists. Cost details:
  - $700 for selecting and training one operator (2-4 weeks timeframe).
  - $900 per month for approximately 160 hours of work by one chat operator, with a specific payment structure for message counts below 2,500.


Chat Operators Assist With:

- Encouraging members to complete their profiles, increasing their chances of engagement.
- Sending personalized messages beyond the capabilities of regular chatbots.
- Maintaining user interest in your service through genuine interaction.


Experience Our Chat Operator Software:

- Try out the functionalities of our 2211 Chat Operator Software through an interactive prototype.


Chat operator interface


Website Owner Interface




Understanding the User Perspective in Your Dating App





  • The chat operator's profile looks the same as the real person's profile. No one could spot the difference.

  • There's no scam involved. Site admin pays chat operators for the number of messages.

  • Chat operators work in dating niche. So they are familiar with how they should chat and evade real meetings until you have enough real people so they could match and chat among themselves.

  • Here's an example of chat operator jobs 


What is the difference between the versions

Here is about version 2208. Below is a description of version 2211.


How Chat operators 2211 works

Interface for operator chats:

  • Current stage of the user in the dating ecommerce funnel.
  • The balance of the user. 
  • Remaining days on the paid plan.
  • Full profiles of your contacts. Supplements with notes to other operators.
  • Full history with each user. For other operators. Dialogs, bots, gifts.
  • Switch between dialogs in 2 clicks.
  • Chatgpt and google search. Increase speed of replies.
  • Rating of income by different parameters. Compared to other operators.

Admin interface


Owner’s dashboard interface

  • Chat operator profiles are indistinguishable from real user profiles, ensuring seamless integration.
  • This system is scam-free. Chat operators are compensated based on the number of messages they send.
  • Operators are experienced in the dating niche and skilled in conversation tactics, including delaying real meetings. This is especially useful until your app has a sufficient number of real users for organic interactions.
  • Here’s an insight into chat operator roles.


Version Differences Explained

  • This section details the features of version 2208, followed by a description of the updates in version 2211.

Functionality of Chat Operators in Version 2211


Operator Chat Interface:

  • Displays the user's current stage in the dating e-commerce funnel.
  • Shows user balance and remaining days on their paid plan.
  • Provides complete profiles of contacts, including notes for other operators.
  • Offers a comprehensive history with each user, accessible to other operators.
  • Facilitates quick switching between dialogs.
  • Integrates ChatGPT and Google search for faster response times.
  • Includes a rating system for income, comparing performance among operators.


Admin Features

  • Owner’s Dashboard:



Operator Compensation Structure

Information on payout rates for chat operators.





Chatbot Integration

Initial interactions like likes, matches, and gifts are managed by a bot, with operators taking over subsequent communications.




Resource Tools for Operators

  • Access to wiki articles during chats.
  • Utilization of an existing knowledge base, with the option for custom additions.




Customization Options

  • We're ready to tailor the system to your needs, including:
  • Operator performance statistics.
  • Various methods to re-engage users in chat.
  • API integration for managing multiple sites.
  • Night mode for the operator panel.
  • In-chat actions like sending winks or kisses.


Effectiveness of the Add-On

  • This feature is successfully implemented in major platforms like Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid.



Schedule a Free Demo Call


Experience a demo in your preferred format (Telegram, Zoom, Google Meet), lasting 10-15 minutes. During this demo:

  • Explore how the feature operates.
  • Discuss the adaptability of this add-on across different niches.

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