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Chat operators platform with chatbots


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Your dating website and apps will be integrated with our Operators’ Panel.


In order to keep everything secure and discreet, the Operators panel will be installed on a separate domain so that the operators would not know what website they are working for.

More about the hierarchy and permissions:
1. Site administrator can: 

  • Create and delete chat operators;
  • Mark site users as fake ones so operators could chat on their behalf;
  • Check operators' workload, set up their reward per message, and see their current earned balance. 

2: While the operators can:

  • Chat with site members;
  • Write internal notes (on real users or fake users);
  • Check their statistics (the message history + date filters).


Chat operators dashboard shows all necessary information including: 

  • Number of messages in a queue;
  • Brief greeting to the operator and the amount of answered messages (per current day/week/month);
  • Earning per month;
  • Text instructions or any information the admin deems important to place there.



Now about where they chat. 

The chat page has 3 sections: 

  • Information about a fake user on whose behalf the operator chats;
  • Information about the real user who talks to the fake user;
  • and the chat itself. 



Chat operators will be able to create internal notes about the user they talk to to remember all necessary details, such as dates, interests or any other important details. 



More about user payments. 

The real users would be charged per each sent message. Each message costs XX credits (virtual coins; the cost is set by the admin). On the chat page, the users will see the cost per message and the number of credits left on their account:

The credits can be purchased in handfuls for real money. The administrator will be able to change the setting of how many credits the newly registered users receive after registration.





More about mass pushes and re-engagement.

To attract users back to your site and apps and help them engage with chat operators, the administrator can send out mass messages by typing the text and selecting the audience.


The sender types in the message, then they select the fake profile on whose behalf the message is sent and select the criteria for the recipients (i.e. men 18-25 from New York).



To further improve the engagement and drive users to chat operators, we introduce chatbots to this solution. 

As an administrator, you'll get an unlimited number of bots, a chance to modify their profiles, and manually write the messages your bots (male/female) will send.

As a result, to each new user, a bot will be assigned automatically to start communication. Each newly registered user shall also receive a certain amount of visits, likes, and favorites picks.


You can read more about chatbots here — Human-like bot – Increase your site users activity