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Tinder-like payment services: memberships’ content, parameters, discounts, specials

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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From $2,900.00
Tinder-like payment services: memberships’ content, parameters, discounts, specials


  1. Boost revenue by leveraging analytics for in-demand paid services specific to your dating niche.
  2. Offer memberships on your platform to users.
  3. Customize settings for each service within the memberships.
  4. Provide a limitless variety of memberships, catering to users from different countries and genders.


Examples of Use:

  1. Gold Membership might include 1 Superlike per month for all genders, whereas Platinum Membership offers an unlimited number of Superlikes.
  2. The Free plan allows users to search and view profiles, but sending messages and likes are exclusive to paid plans.
  3. Offer packages with varying numbers of Superlikes, each priced differently.


Without Paid Services Management:

  1. Potential loss of revenue.
  2. Users may find the platform confusing without standard plans like those on Tinder, leading to a loss of users.
  3. Difficulty in creating an effective service model.


With Dating Pro’s Paid Services Management:

  1. Implement a proven sales funnel model applicable to various sectors like e-commerce and classified ads.
  2. Increase ROI by repackaging Memberships with a mix of free and paid services.
  3. Enhance client satisfaction by aiding them through the dating process, encouraging them to pay for accelerated results.
  4. Integrate three types of banners on your main website/app pages to:
  5. Guide users to relevant paid services for quicker results.
  6. Educate users on enhancing their soulmate search experience.
  7. Promote more paid subscriptions, thereby increasing monthly revenue.


Membership and Service Features (e.g., Gold, Platinum, Superboost, Superlikes):

  1. A mix of free and paid services.
  2. Varied pricing from single to unlimited items.
  3. Catering to different genders.
  4. Strategic placement of inserts and ads, with optimized click-through rates.
  5. Availability across multiple channels: web, apps, etc.
  6. Special offers and discounts.
  7. Flexible duration from a minute to unlimited.


Administrative Flexibility:

  • Manageable by platform admin, through a no-code constructor, or with assistance from a Customer Success Manager, without needing a developer.



  • An increase in membership purchases due to the enhanced value of paid subscriptions and services.


Flexible Plans:

  • Free users can like and view profiles but need a mutual like to communicate.
  • Paid members can message each other without needing a mutual like.


How Paid Services Management Operates:

  • At the user end, it's set up by the site admin, encompassing memberships and packages of paid services.



Front end

Paid services in the mobile app 



Paid services on the website → 


Back-end, features will be presented in Orders section in the admin control panel:



Control panel



Dedicated Area for Enabling and Disabling Membership and Service Packages

  • Incorporation of two user-friendly, no-code Airtable applications to manage Membership details.
  • To minimize development expenses, we utilize the no-code platform Airtable. The cost for an Airtable subscription is $12 per month. More details on pricing and features can be found at Airtable's pricing page.
  • A cohesive system for both Memberships and Plans, featuring singular parameters for various features. For instance, the subsequent Membership levels offer an increasing range of features and options, unrestricted for users, in the order: Free > Gold > Platinum.



Distinct Customization for Each Membership and Service Package**


This feature allows for the tailoring of individual parameters within each Membership and Service package. For example:

  1. The Free and Gold plans offer a variety of features, some of which are similar yet distinct from one another.


    A specialized Membership exclusively for Women, including a unique combination of services such as a single Superboost, unlimited Superlikes, but limited to a two-day duration.




  • Account:


  • Search:


  • Pin boards:





Banners for Locked features depicting Value and Cost. 




These banners are typically utilized to advertise complex services that necessitate an in-depth explanation.



Analytics for Enhanced ROI

  • Analytics play a crucial role in boosting the return on investment for paid services. By evaluating user demand for various features and monitoring progress through different stages of the dating funnel, this system provides valuable insights. These insights assist site administrators in setting optimal prices to maximize revenue.
  • The funnel view offers a detailed perspective on the effectiveness of translation services at each stage, covering both free and paid options.



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