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Prototype of 2023 Tinder-like payment services: memberships’ content, parameters, discounts, specials

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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From $99.00

Compare Paid services management Dating Pro vs 2023 Tinder-like payment services *in the description as "Paid services management"

What Paid services management is for:

  • Increase LTV through inbuilt analytics for demanded paid services in your dating niche;

  • Create and provide your users with memberships on your platform;

  • Tune up parameters for each service included in memberships;

  • Unlimited number of memberships for users of different countries and genders.

Usage examples:

  • Gold Membership can include: 1 Superlike/mo for all genders, while the Platinum Membership includes unlimited number of Superlike;

  • With the Free plan, users can search and see profiles, meanwhile sending messages and likes are available under paid plans;

  • Packages of specific services, e.g. 1/5/50 Superlikes with different prices.


Without Paid services management:

  • Shortfall in profits;

  • Your users do not see usual plans (like in Tinder) and do not understand how to achieve certain results in dating, so they leave the platform;

  • You do not know how to create such constructor.


With the Dating Pro’s Paid Services management:

  • Use well-tried sales funnel model in:

  1. ecommerce;

  2. classified (avito);

  • With Key Results:

  1. You can increase ROI through Memberships repacking (combination of free and paid services);

  2. Your clients will get more value from your dating service. You’ll be able to help them go through dating funnel steps to find potential soulmates and your users are ready to pay for speed-up of getting through these steps.

  • Inbuilt 3 types of banners on the main pages of your website/apps will help your users:

  1. Find necessary paid services and achieve the results faster;

  2. Learn how to improve the experience of soulmate searching;

  3. Get more paid subscription that increase platform owner’s monthly revenue.


Memberships (Gold, Platinum) and services (Superboost, Superlikes, etc.) can contain:

  • Free and paid services;

  • Prices for one to unlimited number of items;

  • For different Genders;

  • Inserts and ads in necessary places, banners set up and increase their CTR;

  • Different channels: web, apps, others;

  • Special offers and discounts;

  • Duration time from one minute to unlimited.

All mentioned things can be done by platform admin, through no-code constructor or with our Customer Success manager’s help, without the developer.

As the result, the number of memberships purchases will increase because paid subscriptions and services are more valuable among users.

Plans can be very flexible:

  • Free users can like and see profiles, but cannot start communicating without mutual like;

  • With paid membership, users can message with each other without mutual like.


How Paid Services management works:

User end, it’s created by the site admin, including the memberships and paid services packages.


Back-end, features will be presented in Orders section in the admin control panel:

Control panel:

  • Special section for activation and deactivation of Memberships and Services packages

  • Two no-code Airtable apps with Memberships parameters.

    *We’re using no-code Airtable to reduce the cost of development. Airtable subscription costs $12/mo: Airtable Pricing | Compare Plans, Features & Costs 

    • Unified - for Memberships and Plans with single parameters of features. E.g. next Membership includes more features and options for users without limits: Free > Gold > Platinum. 


    • Unique - option to set up different parameters for each Membership and Servies packages. E.g.:

      1) Free and Gold plans include different, but in some way similar, features;

      2) Membership only for Women: only 1 Superboost, Unlimited Superlikes and only for 2 days.

  1. ps_banner*

    • in Account:

    • In search:

    • Taking from pin boards:

  2. ps_in_app_specials*

  3. ps_in_app*
    Banners for Locked features depicting Value and Cost. 

  4. ps_banner_popup*
    Such banners are usually used to advert complex services that require detailed description.



It helps to increase the ROI of paid services. The system analyzes features demand and moving between the dating funnel stages. This information will help site admin to set up correct price and increase revenue.

  1. Funnel view shows the rating of translation services from stage to stage. Both free and paid services.

  2. List with the filters:


    You will be able to make prices 80% similar to


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