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Social media add-on – quick login + sharing buttons

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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New members can sign up with their social accounts. Then they can share the pages they like in social networks

⇒ Simplify the registration form – get more users
⇒ The more social media shares, the more traffic you have
⇒ Makes sharing your content fast and easy


The Social networking add-on gives your site members the opportunity to share the pages they like in social networks. New members can sign up and sign in with their social accounts.

As of now, the following social networks are supported: Facebook,, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We can add more social networks upon request.


How it will work on your dating apps: 




  • 100% open code
  • FREE Installation & Support
  • Moneyback



  • Delivery within 1 business day;
  • Installation service is provided for free to all customers who purchased a license;
  • Installation of a ready module/add-on is free of charge.