Complete profile reminder - Automated email reminders to complete one's profile

Send your site members email reminders to complete their profile so that more people can see them and contact them

This tool is going to help you:
-bring more users back to your website
-have them create higher quality profiles
-make it easier to strike up conversations

The system will automatically send Complete Your Profile reminders to people who have registered but for some reason failed to complete their profile, to add some important information about themselves.

This is an example of the message:

When people see meaningful profile descriptions, they will find it easier to get in touch with a person over something they read in their profile.

The basic site requirements are also worth mentioning, as in "These users [photos] won't see you until you add your picture. Show them the real you!"

Software License
Readiness Requires extra setup
Professional support e-mail / chat / helpdesk / phone