Technical support service


Professional assistance by the technical support team to help you set up and tune the software

The Technical Support service is provided by the PG technical support team, including both support managers and support developers.


The one-time fee option of $30 includes a guaranteed resolution for 15 support requests. 

Any item taken to work by our team is considered a separate request, i.e.:

  • change of texts/pictures/copyrights/logos;
  • interlinking;
  • payment gateway setup;
  • tuning of the site settings;
  • anything provided by the standard Technical support service.


The standard service covered by the monthly subscription of $99/m includes:

  • installation of the license and every purchased product module;
  • work with the website transfer to another server, creation and collection of the backup files;
  • help with the publication of the Android mobile application;
  • visual and functional changes in the software & applications, not requiring any major code rewriting;
  • help with tuning the system settings, managed by the standard software instruments;
  • management of the integrated third-party solutions (i.e. Facebook);
  • assistance with the server/domain connection;
  • queue-based response by support managers within 24 hours;
  • remote assistance by support developers, connecting to your local computer to check on the urgent and/or otherwise non-detectable issues.

If the specific request cannot be delivered within the frames of technical support, our support managers will inform you about it and either offer alternative options or direct your request to the extra development department.



The Premium service of $300/m includes:

  • small customizations under 0.5-1h of development may be done within the terms of technical support;
  • priority assistance as opposed to the queue-based handling of the requests;
  • contact with technical support manager and/or account manager via Skype, Facebook or messengers.