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Technical support service

$49.00 / mo

The Technical support service is provided by PG technical support team. Billed monthly, this service will keep you free from tedious tasks such as editing profile questions, solving hosting issues, and more.

You can communicate with your personal manager by phone, e-mail, and in the live chat. You will not have to worry about anything!

Your support manager and a team of support programmers will help you:
- create a database and install your site;
- fix any product bugs;
- do minor design corrections including logo positioning, blocks misplaced by their content, missing links;
- speak to a third-party service provider if necessary;
- apply colour schemes using the built-in editor;
- edit profile fields and search forms with the built-in editors;
- post pictures, videos, banners, and text content to your website;
- manage integrated solutions by third-parties, for example, set up a Facebook Login feature;
- solve hosting-related issues on our servers;
- perform overall site management using the built-in functionality.


Please note that creative efforts from designer and/or developer are not a part of this service.

***Creative work by designer and web-developer, such as creating new banners, implementing unique ready templates, changing code and database, is considered customization and is quoted extra. Please contact or contact us in the live chat to receive a free estimate.


The service is included into the Dating Pro Start package for 30 days, and for 12 months in the Dating Pro Business and Dating Pro Premium packages.