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Standard SSL certificate installation – ensure the safety of your website

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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$67.99 / year
Standard SSL certificate includes domain validation and a $100K warranty

⇒ An SSL certificate is not a luxury but a necessity nowadays
⇒ Take care of your safety today to avoid problems tomorrow
⇒ Prove to your visitors that you can be trusted


SSL certificates are now a requirement for all websites.

Without SSL, your site members are at higher risk of being having their data stolen. Your dating site security is also at risk without encryption. SSL protects your website from phishing scams, data breaches, and many other threats. Ultimately, it builds a secure environment for both visitors and site owners.


Here are the five key benefits of using an SSL certificate:

  • SSL protects the data of both sides
  • SSL affirms your site users identity
  • Availability of the certificate improves your customer trust
  • Better search engine ranking
  • You need a certificate to start accepting payments on your website


We offer you the service of installing and setting it up on your server after you purchase it from GoDaddy (the price for installation is included in the cost of the certificate).

Please note that we will require full access to your server to do that.


Write to us – keep your site safe