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Prototype of Super Like — more income from better Like feature

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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From $99.00 $1,138.50
Help find more matches among your users and earn even more

⇒ Brings additional income as it's a paid feature.
⇒ Gets your users 3 times more matches.
⇒ Super Likes can be gifted from one user to another to further increase your revenue.


Price $99 is not an exact price. Why?     Request a free quote


What Super Like gives you:

    1. You get 3 times more matches on your platform.

    2. Brings you extra revenue as it's a paid service:
      • It's a paid feature.
      • For users, Super Likes are shown first, over regular likes. And it has a separate animation.
      • You can limit how much Super Likes are included into premium memberships. And users would need to buy them separately after they run out of Super Likes.
      • Users get 5 purple Super Likes for a week in Tinder Premium.

    3. Super Likes can also be gifted or earned from other users.



Please note that the name Super Like is a trademark of MATCH GROUP, LLC (Tinder's owners) so you'll need to re-name it on your website and apps.


How it works on Tinder:

    1. What is Super Like™? 
      Want to let a potential match know they stand out? When Like is not enough, send a Super Like™. Your profile will appear in their card stack with a bright blue border and star, highlighting that you Super Liked them. If they Like you back, It’s a Match!™
    2. How to Super Like™  While viewing someone’s profile, tap the blue star icon to send a Super Like. 
    3. How to purchase Super Likes
      Super Likes are available for purchase in packages:
      • Tap the profile icon
      • Go to Settings
      • Select Get Super Likes 



    Premium subscribers have access to 5 free Super Likes a week, which expire if unused.


    How Super Like works:


    Why this add-on will work?
    They use this feature in Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid and other dating platforms.

    Pilot launch - unlimited use.
    What's included:

    • More paid subscriptions
    • Better conversion to first messages and then to matches
    • Additional settings in your admin panel
    • Customer segmentation
    • Your users statistics
    • Automated interactions with the clients

    You will receive a full refund if we do not deliver the add-on within the time frame specified in the contract.