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Connect Instagram to your app

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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The price is for connection to your app. 
Contact us to specify web connection


The option to link your Instagram account to your profile will help

1) Show other users that you're real
2) It's a good way to get to know someone's hobbies, friendship groups, and general outlook on life. It makes it easier to communicate and find common ground - and potentially increases the likelihood of a personal date!
3) The user won't need to put their Instagram username in the "About Me" section and upload a large number of photos


How it works


Connect Instagram to your app



Connect Instagram to your web



1) Open the app for iOS or Android.
2) Tap the profile icon In the upper right corner to access your profile.
3) Tap on the pencil icon (edit info).
4) Scroll down to “Show my Instagram Photos” and tap “Connect Instagram.”


5) Confirm your Instagram username and password


6) Grant permission to access Instagram by tapping “Authorize.”

7) That’s it! Your Instagram account is now connected to your profile.




Why this add-on will work?

They use this feature in Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid and other dating platforms. 



You will receive a full refund if we do not deliver the add-on within the time frame specified in the contract.