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Prototype of Your dating app available in the Samsung and Huawei stores

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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From $99.00

⇒ Get more app users by marketing it in the AppGallery and Galaxy Store.
⇒ Increase your revenue with more users.


Price $99 is not an exact price. Why?     Request a free quote 


The Huawei AppGallery entered the top three world leading app stores. More than half a billion users from 170 countries, including China, have already installed this app store.


Huawei Developer account empowers you to promote your apps through the designated store for Huawei devices.





On the other hand, Galaxy Store is a premium app store designed specifically for Galaxy device users.
Galaxy Store focuses on providing quality app experiences, app promotions, campaigns, rewards, and exclusive offers. It's available in over 180 countries.


You can also use their free Galaxy Store Statistics (GSS) tool that app owners apply to track Galaxy Store app performance and metrics like downloads, conversion, subscription, top SEO keywords, attribution channels, and Galaxy Store badge linking.


A number of steps are required to prepare a dating app and submit it to the AppGallery and Galaxy Store.


We take care of both the technical part:


  • creating a release build/APK file for you when you purchase the apps from us;
  • where applicable, we also connect your app to Firebase, Google Analytics and Google Maps, Facebook login, and Google login, and this is what we need your credentials for these services for.

And the store listing part: You can choose to add your app files along with the text descriptions and screenshots to the AppGallery and Galaxy Store on your own, or we can do it for you.




    1. The Premium package of the PG Dating Pro solution includes up to three free submissions to each store. 
    2. It is important that your applications meet the standards and guidelines of respective stores. Please take a look at the AppGallery Policy Center and Galaxy Store Privacy Policy
    3. We will continue the publication attempts within 30 days period. If the apps are still not published after 30 days, we will return you the cost of this service.