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AI-powered icebreaker for the first message

From $99.00
AI-powered icebreaker for the first message

What you get

  1. A feature that uses artificial intelligence to create personalized and meaningful openers to help you easily start a conversation with new friends.
  2. Higher percentage of sent messages because your clients don't need time to think.


How it works


When browsing profiles on a dating site or app, it can be exciting when you see someone who loves crafting as much as you do, or has also just moved to your new city. You swipe right and you've got a new friend!

We understand that coming up with the perfect first message for a response can often be challenging!

That's why we're introducing icebreakers, which use artificial intelligence (AI) to help you compose a personalized, meaningful message.



How do AI-based icebreakers work?


When you're chatting with a new person, go to the chat screen. Here, if no one has sent the first message yet, you'll see an icebreakers button above the text field. Click on it to start, and let the feature work its magic!

A friendly chat participant will appear, using AI technology to create three different conversation starters.

The AI technology uses only the information from your public profile, such as your life and interest badges, age, job, education, and city location. Although each conversation starter will be specific to you and your potential friend, here are some examples of what they might look like:

First, you'll be shown one potential icebreaker question; from there, you can click “Use this question" or “Next question" to see another option. You can view three prompts in random order, and once you decide which one you like best, click “Use this question” to add it to your chat screen's text field. Don't worry! You'll have the opportunity to edit the question in any way you like before clicking "Send". If you don't like any of the possible messages shown to you, you can exit the feature at any time by clicking “Cancel” at the bottom of the screen.

When you send the question to your new friend, they will receive a regular notification that you have sent them a message. They will not be notified that you used the icebreakers feature to create the opener. Just keep in mind: to keep conversations as authentic as possible, only one of you can use the icebreakers feature to start a conversation. After sending the first message in the chat - using an icebreaker or not - you will not be able to use it to ask more questions.

Starting a new friendship should not be stressful. We hope that by using our AI-based icebreakers to create a personalized opener, any anxiety associated with crafting the first line will be reduced. This means you can focus on what's important: standing out, interacting with new friends, and finding common ground with each other.



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