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Dating Pro Payment Processor

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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Dating Pro's Payment Processor is a great way for you to start earning with your dating app or site right away. 

You won't need to worry about registering your legal company, gathering documents. getting EIN, going through bank assesments and etc. 

Simply connect your site to Dating Pro's Payment Processor and you're ready to go. 



How it works:

1. We make a reseller agreement with you. You are a legal or natural person.

2. You pay for integration.

3. We connect your website and applications to our payment system.

4. Your users pay on your service for your paid subscriptions and top-ups. All popular payment methods available. The standard fee for bank cards is no more than 3.5%, which includes accepting payment and sending cheques.

5. We verify payments for 14 days. We transfer money at the beginning and in the middle of each month. The minimum fee for payment is $50. Additional fee for transfer:


- Payoneer pre-paid card - $2 USD

- WebMoney - 3.5%+$5 USD

- Wire Transfer - $21 USD

- ACH (North America) - $3 USD

- USDT - 2,5% + 5 USD



- For US & Canada - Free

- Internationally - 2% (max $20 USD fee)


 6. We will refund you 100% of the integration fee if your payments exceed $3000.


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