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Dating Pro payment processor

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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Dating Pro's Payment Processor offers a seamless solution to kickstart your earnings through your dating app or site.

Gone are the worries of navigating legal formalities, document collection, obtaining an EIN, or undergoing bank assessments and KYC procedures. With Dating Pro's Payment Processor, you can swiftly integrate your site and dive into monetization.

Our optimized and secure payment solutions ensure the smooth operation of your business. Leveraging robust blockchain technology, we guarantee the utmost security for all transactions. Moreover, our payment processes comply with internal AML (Anti Money Laundering) policies.

Here's how it works:

  1. We establish a reseller agreement with you, whether you're an individual or a legal entity.
  2. Pay for the integration service through this page at $599, which includes a $99 connection fee and a $500 insurance deposit. Connection time is 2 days.
  3. We seamlessly link your website and applications to our payment system.
  4. Your users can conveniently make payments for subscriptions and top-ups on your platform. Payment methods include Debit Card, Credit Card, or Crypto, with a minimum payment amount of $5 USD.
  5. Transfers are made at the start and middle of each month. We diligently verify payments over a 14-day period.


Please note that there are additional fees incurred when receiving funds:

  • Wire Transfer: 25% of the transfer amount
  • USDT: 20% of the transfer amount + 5 USDT

Insurance deposit

The cost of the Payment Processor also includes an insurance deposit, as the dating business is considered high risk. An insurance deposit is required to mitigate the potential risks associated with operating in industries considered high risk, such as the dating sector. These risks can include higher rates of chargebacks and financial disputes. The deposit acts as a financial buffer for the payment processor, ensuring that there are funds available to cover unexpected losses that might arise from these issues. This helps maintain the financial stability of the payment system and protects both the service provider and its clients.

The Insurance deposit is calculated as follows:

Insurance Deposit = (Expected Transaction Volume x Risk Factor) + Base Insurance Deposit


- Expected transaction volume: The expected total volume of transactions that will be processed through the payment gateway during the month.
- Risk Factor: A factor that takes into account the industry, business history and other risk factors. For the deiting industry, the risk factor ranges from 1.5 to 2.5. We take the average.
- Base Insurance Deposit: The minimum amount that the payment gateway requires as a Insurance deposit.

In our case, the risk factor is 2 and the expected transaction volume is $200 per month. The base security deposit is $100, and the security deposit will be calculated as follows:

Security Deposit = ($200 x 2) + $100 = $500

Thus, the security deposit will be $500.


Upon termination of cooperation, we will return the remaining insurance deposit within 60 days, minus the cost of transferring to your details.

Success support

Can the payment page be modified? Partially, yes. With each release, more capabilities will be available. Ask us to expand the documentation more persistently. SLA 2 is provided for free with a turnover of more than $3000 per month.


You can try how the Payment Processor works on the service payment or balance top-up page on

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  • Do you connect to other payment systems? Yes, see the full list.
  • Can the payment page be modified? Partially, yes. With each release, more capabilities will be available. Ask us to expand the documentation more persistently.