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Prototype: dating invite code app (iOS & Android)

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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Launch a mobile dating app for all devices using the Android platform

⇒ Don't have your own dating app and want to launch it in the App Store in just one week ? Introducing the new dating invite app.
⇒ Complete dating app with rich features for your niche


By joining a crowdfunding campaign to release this app, you can avoid the higher costs associated with individually publishing your apps in the app stores.

There's no need to spend money and time on app submission. A universal iOS and Android ivite datng app will be created, which your clients can access via an invite code. Invite your clients using a link with an invite code on your dating site, SMS, email, or QR code.

Question and answers

Who is the real owner of the app? 

Dating Pro native app: You
Invite Dating App: Dating Pro company


Payment for submission in the App Store and Google Play

Dating Pro native app: 100% required (from $900) 5-40 days.

Invite Dating App: Not required



Cost of apps

Dating Pro native app: from $3600 for apps and submission

Invite Dating App: from $1200 since no App Store and Google Play publication is needed.


Clients or visitors you invite: 

Dating Pro native app: 100% Yours 

Invite Dating App: 100% Yours. They also do not see other participants' clients on the dating platform using the Invite app.



Dating Pro native app: 100% from App Pro 

Invite Dating App: 100% from Apps Pro, except for the first authentication screen, as it is a common app.


What screen appears when your client opens the app for the first time: 

Dating Pro native app: Your app's screen 

Invite Dating App: / A common one for all, with an invitation to enter an Invite code.




Is an account opening required in the App Store and Google Play: 

Dating Pro native app: Yes 

Invite Dating App: Not necessary.




Where will I see the sales statistics? 

Dating Pro native app: In the developer's Google Play and App Store account 

Invite Dating App: in the dating pro control panel.




What happens if the app updates: 

Dating Pro native app: New authorization required 

Invite Dating App: / New authorization required - a new entry will be needed. The same invite code is required. Or reset invite app.


Want to know the cost? 

The cost is indicated for the development of a prototype for an accurate estimate. If you have a paid SLA plan, the prototype development is already paid for. Contact sales.