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Prototype: AI dating platform сhat operator 2209

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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From $99.00

Application areas:

1. AI dating girl app/site/chat bot - a platform for interacting with digital avatars.


2. Dating app/site with chat operator - your profiles come to life at the start through personalized responses tailored to user profiles by AI.



Owners of dating platforms face a challenge: users expect quick and personalized responses to their inquiries from potential friends found on your dating site or app. Providing such a level of response at the start of a business, without an established customer base, is unrealistic.


If users do not receive timely and relevant responses, they may turn to other platforms. This can also negatively impact the platform's reputation, reducing its attractiveness to new users.



1. Use the "chat operators" tool initially.

2. Reduce expenses through AI. Incorporating AI significantly accelerates response times from operators, in automatic or semi-automatic mode.


Bundle of "chat operators 2208" and two AI softwares:


1. "AI operator" allows:

- AI automates the process of engaging users. Quick and personalized responses 12/7. *24/7 responses may cause suspicion. AI responses are published considering the user profile's time zone, making interactions as natural and timely as possible.

- Reduction in operational expenses by the number of chat moderators who periodically intervene in the conversation, adding character details of fake profiles that emerge during the interaction. Automating the support process reduces the need for a large support team, leading to cost savings.

- Positive impact on reputation. High-quality support and user experience contribute to a positive perception of the platform in the market, which can attract new users and partners.

- AI, by analyzing user requests in chats, provides appropriate responses, enhancing the user experience and engagement level without the need for constant human operator intervention. It conducts dialogue through personalized requests to AI, automatically tailored to each interlocutor's profile.


ai dating chat operator


How it works:

1. Example. A man has shown interest in a woman. See profiles.

- Profile of your actual visitor: Man.


Seeking a woman who loves adventures, because forgetting where I've parked my car is a routine for me. I promise our dates will be full of surprises, from emergency trips to the store for a chocolate bar at 3 AM to romantic walks in search of my car. I love morning coffee, and searching for my keys is my daily ritual. If you're up for adventures (and a bit of chaos), then you're my perfect match!


Fake or real user profile of a woman on behalf of whom AI is corresponding.

Location: NY, NY



Height: 180 cm

Weight: 90 kg



New experiences

Don't drink

Don't smoke

Prefer walking




Fresh juices




Folk song enthusiast


Music: Gorillaz


Movies and Books: Avatar 1, Avatar 2, Avatar 3.


About me: Seeking a man who believes romance isn't just flowers and candlelit dinners but also the ability to not laugh when I try to cook and something burns. If you're better at finding my lost things than I am and not afraid of challenges like dragons, then we're definitely a match. I love long walks in the forest for sweets and watching solitude, which can be observed all day. A partner with a sense of humor and cooking skills is my ideal. Beware, my favorite hobby is moving things from one place to another and forgetting why I did it.



2. In AI parameters are set rules on how to respond to AI from a fake or real profile (woman), containing a profile description - "pretend you're a female avatar or AI dating avatar on a dating platform. I will be writing to you on behalf of a man. Engage in an active dialogue with  "with the goal of a lengthy correspondence. You don't have the opportunity to meet and you refuse to meet for any number of reasons. 

  1. If it's not AI dating girl - you'll need to add: "your Replies are published according to the time zone of the geo-location". 
  2. For the man's description - it will be added from the profile of each new interlocutor showing interest in your AI avatar/profile from the database installed on your platform.


2. AI will enhance the attractiveness of your profiles in the "about me" sections:

- AI will write missing "about me" descriptions in your profiles, based on interests through set prompts

- AI will add interests through separate prompts: based on already minimally indicated or entirely new ones.



Profiles with complete descriptions for your platform can be taken from dating profiles database.


Business Advantages:

- Your dating platform might see increased engagement metrics and revenue.

- With a live operator complementing AI:

- Metrics could be even higher, as prompt settings adjustments are needed.

- Communication becomes deeper and more qualitative, further improving metrics despite the additional service costs.


How to Obtain:

  1. Order the development of this prototype for $99 with your preferences, for example, as described here.
  2. Pay for the development partially through crowdfunding with Dating Pro - we will invite our clients to participate.
  3. Acquire and implement the AI software to your Dating Pro software. AI will require a monthly payment. The cost is proportional to the number of requests.
  4. Measure the growing metrics of your dating platform with our Customer Success Manager.
  5. Book a demo  Contact sales