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LikeMe or Not vote – swipe to choose

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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This is a Tinder-like feature that prompts people to connect if there`s been a mutual match

⇒ Your own “super like“ option on your dating site
⇒ For site members: Quick creation of list of potential matches
⇒ An easy way to increase your site traffic & boost sales


The LikeMe module is a Tinder-like feature that lets site members like or skip each other. In case there is a match, they can communicate directly on the site. A person sees members` photos according to the `looking for` settings and partner age range that they indicate in their profile.


How it will work on your dating apps:


Playing local centers around the user`s own location (country, region, city).

Playing global displays all site members who meet the gender and age criteria, who have not activated stealth mode, and whose profiles are active.


The site owner can decide which of the communication tools will be available to the site members who matched. It can be an IM chat, sending a message through the mailbox, and so on. The list of available communication options depends on the modules that allow this or that type of communication on the site, that are installed and active.

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