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Thank You page - Promote other services and track sales with Thank you page

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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Use this page to show the advantages of the new purchase and connect the page to analytics to track conversions

This special page will help you:
⇒ display the advantages of an user`s new purchase
⇒ track conversions by connecting this page to analytics
⇒ promote new features and paid services to the paying customers


Thank You page is a page that your site members will see after they have paid for a service or a premium membership. You can use this page to list and illustrate the advantages of their new purchase. And of course, you need to put this page into Google Analytics to track the purchases on your site.

Adding extra content to the Thank You page is a good way to keep people engaged with your brand and provide even more value. Using this add-on, you will be able to do it directly from the administration panel.


You can also customise the URL of the page, as in or, and so on.

Here are some examples of Thank You pages:


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