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Mini programs - dating app template

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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Introducing the design of a new dating app!  The concept is executed in pastel colors.  The main colors used in the design are pink, purple, and their shades.  The color palette, as well as soft outlines of details and fonts, emphasize the romantic idea of ​​the application and evoke among users associations with tenderness, lightness and comfort!  The icons in the application are also made in a minimalistic style and look very organic!  It is easy and pleasant to use the application with this design!


We also offer your a cheaper and simplified design where we update your current app design by adjusting colors, texts and icons according to this template without replicating it one-to-one. Contact us to get more the quote.

Design by LAIMU on Behance


Please visit the official guide to get more details on system themes and customization options