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SLA Support Service

by PilotGroup.NET
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Professional assistance by the technical support team to help you set up and tune the software

⇒ Only we know our programs better, so you get first-hand support
⇒ Get support anywhere 24 hours a day, 5 days a week
⇒ We are available by chat, email, Facebook messenger


The Technical Support service is provided by the PG technical support team, including both support managers and support developers. NPS 91%


Why you might need it:

  1. You value your own time and would like our team to take care of the little details/adjustments for you

  2. You`re not sure how to adjust/change certain things and would like our help with it

  3. You want to outsource as much technical work as you can to focus on the bigger picture instead while we`re setting the software up

Recognized yourself here? Great! Here`s what we can offer. 



The standard service covered by the monthly subscription of $99/m includes:

  • installation of the license and every purchased product module

  • work with the website transfer to another server, creation and collection of the backup files

  • help with the publication of the Android mobile application

  • visual and functional changes in the software & applications, not requiring any major code rewriting

  • help with tuning the system settings, managed by the standard software instruments

  • management of the integrated third-party solutions (i.e. Facebook)

  • assistance with the server/domain connection

  • queue-based response by support managers within 24 hours

  • remote assistance by support developers, connecting to your local computer to check on the urgent and/or otherwise non-detectable issues

  • We use TeamViewer to save you time. Download TeamViewer

If the specific request cannot be delivered within the frames of technical support, our support managers will inform you about it and either offer alternative options or direct your request to the extra development department.



Deposit support service of $500:

offers you a more convenient way of work that we`re using with the large-scale customers with frequent and/or complex requests. This model operates on the basis of deposits and account management. This is what it includes:

1 - We create a separate project board for our customers, where our customers post their requests (to eliminate the possibility of email malfunction)

2 - The customers place deposit sums with our company, usually within the scale of $500, but can be negotiated

3 - The company sets transparent hourly rates for the customer: support, customization and Q&A services

4 - Each request, support one or custom one, is estimated by the developer. The estimations can go from a few minutes to several hours. Each estimation gets its money-cost based on the rates

5 - We update the cost for your approval and, when you approve to put it to production, we do the work, both support and custom. All the expenses are covered by the sum of the deposit. The remaining sum is always updated for you to see

6 - The requests are processed by your personal account manager, and both support and the custom works will be done by the developer who`s usually working on your project. Meaning, it will be done in the prioritized order as opposed to the standard technical support, and by a more experienced developer


The vantage point of this model is that you`ll be able to track the progress of each request in the board and never lose any request; because of the fully paid basis, we will be enlisting the most efficient developers to do the work; testing will be included for the custom works or complex support requests.



The Premium service of $300/m includes:

  • small customizations under 2h of development may be done within the terms of technical support, which is kind of very cool because you won`t have to pay extra for it

  • priority assistance as opposed to the queue-based handling of the requests

  • contact with technical support manager and/or account manager via Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp.

VIP support service that costs $1600/mo is the priority support system 24/7;

Responsible support manager always available to process your requests out of turn and update you about work progress;

Your requests will be in priority among others.