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Reasons why content is rejected – For previous DatingPro versions only

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Let people know why you decided to reject their photo, audio or video file and how they can improve

⇒ Explain the reason for file rejection
⇒ Increase your site members loyalty
⇒ Only a few clicks from your site back-end


This is a separate module in the admin panel of previous versions of Dating Pro for moderating users` media files. Using it, the site administrator / moderator indicates the reason for the rejection of the media content.


This is how it works:

The administrator sets possible reasons for rejecting media files from users.

The moderator, when checking the uploaded media files of site members, can indicate the reason for the rejection of the content – (s)he simply selects it from the list.

The site member gets a message indicating that the media file was rejected from publication by the specified reason.