Gender-specific profile questions - Make your site more niche-oriented like matchmaking agencies, sugar daddies, babies and more

Gender-specific profile questions are a good fit for niche solutions such as matchmaking agencies, and more

This feature lets you offer your site members:
-a chance to express their true selves
-a convenient way to add more details to their profile
-a chance to attract more attention to themselves

Create profile questions for each user type, multiply your earnings through diversifying the audience, and increase customer loyalty by finding a unique approach to everyone.

Gender-specific, or user type-specific, profile questions are a good fit for niche solutions.

Imagine that you run a matchmaking agency. You could ask your male users if they wear a beard, and your female users — if they wear heels, and so on.

It does not have to be a strict 'men vs women' division. With the PG Dating Pro software, you can create a website for families looking for nurses and babysitters, or investors looking for brokers, and every user type would have their own set of questions to answer.

Such questions would also take part in the advanced search, an option that goes beyond the regular search (who I am looking for, age range, and location) to make the search results even more accurate.


We invite you to post your own feature ideas in the Dating Pro Marketplace and have them voted for. If your add-on sees the light of day, you will receive it for free. Send us your ideas in chat or by email: sales(at), we'll be glad to hear from you!

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