Special offers - Create promo offers easily

Create promo offers that will include the desired action and a reward, as well as the timeframe for limited offers.

This add-on will allow your:
-to motivate users purchase more services or membership to receive benefits
-to make your site more aluring to join due to said benefits


The Special offers add-on is a tool that will let you create promo offers like “Add money to your account from 4PM till 6PM today, and we will increase the amount by 50 per cent”, or “Purchase premium membership on a particular day, e.g. June 15, and receive 1 extra month of premium membership for free”, and so on.

This is how it works:

You give the promo offer a name, describe the terms, select condition and reward, and indicate the timeframe.

The list of available conditions and rewards includes (1) updating one's account, (2) purchasing a paid service, and (3) paying to join a privileged membership group. You can combine them in any way you like. Just make sure to properly describe the promo offer so the site members have a clear idea of what they need to do and what they are getting in return.

Notifications will appear in the personal account pages of the site, in respective sections, e.g. promo offer for memberships will appear in the memberships section, promo offer for a paid service in the paid services section, etc.

Contact us if you know how to make this add-on better: sales@pilotgroup.net, or come to the live chat.



  • 100% open code
  • FREE Installation and Support
  • Moneyback


  • Delivery within 1 business day
  • Installation service is provided for free to all customers who purchased a license
  • Installation of a ready module/add-on is free of charge

Software License
Version Honey (2016.8) and above
License Lifetime license
Readiness Ready
Moneyback 7 days moneyback for license
Professional support e-mail / chat / helpdesk / phone
Access to source code Open code
Installation Free