Mark location on map - Let your site members mark their location on the map to make it more interactive

Let your site members mark their location on the map if they want to

This add-on helps you:
-make your users more engaged in the site activity. They will browse the site more often when they know that someone can be in their general area
-posses a more unique and cools way to display users location that most of the generic dating sites have


This feature will let people mark their location on the map if they choose so. A user of your dating site will be able to modify the location at any time and will also be able to decide on the zoom level, that is how closely they want their location to appear to other users.

The option will be available to users on their own profile pages. When someone views their profile, they will be able to open a map and see the latest location update. If one clicks on the location, s/he will see search results from nearby locations within a certain radius.

It is possible to send people email or push notifications to let them know that a match is not far away. It can work as a sort of a recommendation service: someone you might like is near. The creepiness level of the feature is actually very low since this is going to be an opt-in functionality and people can decide if they want to show their location exactly or approximately. Let us know your thoughts!


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