Imitation bot - Involve new site members into communication

Immediately involve your new site members into communication

With the help of this bot, you will be able to:
-improve user engagement
-increase customer retention

Immediately involve your newly registered site members into communication on the website while also keeping an eye on which messages they receive. As an administrator, you'll get the unlimited number of bots, a chance to modify their profiles and manually write the messages your bots (male/female) will send. As a result, to each new user, a bot will be assigned automatically to start communication. Choose what and when your bots will write and don't worry, they will mirror the real user's location so that communication would be more personal and close!

The Imitation bot assumes the identity of a site user and performs certain actions to engage other site members. The actions can include:

  • visiting the users' profiles;
  • liking their photos and other uploads;
  • adding users to favorites;
  • sending predefined messages.

Thanks to this bot, you will be able to get people engaged and to build on the momentum. It will then be possible to go further and engage the people who have signed up on your site or who have returned, in a different way.

Software License
Readiness Requires extra setup
Access to source code Open code