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Bonuses – Сreate your own loyalty program

by Dating Pro Experts. Hire a Professional.
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$150.00 $172.50
Let people receive bonuses for certain actions on your site and convert bonus points into real money

⇒ Everything you need to increase your site members` loyalty
⇒ The best way to drive users loyalty & traffic
⇒ Visual statistics in both admin and user panel


The Bonus add-on will help your site members receive bonuses for performing certain actions on the site and convert bonus points into real money.


The following actions are available:

- Upload the main profile picture.
- Indicate one`s location, including country, region, and city. It ensures that the person will be visible in search.
- Complete one`s profile 100%.
- Visit site regularly, x days in a row.
- Log in to the mobile version of the site, to let site members know about the mobile version and prompt them to download the mobile apps if you have them.
- Give a like to someone or something (photo, video, wall post, etc.).
- Upload x audio, video files or images into the gallery.
- Sign up in the Dating Pro Network.
- Take part in x polls.
- Become a Top user.
- Send message or x messages in ShoutBox.
- And finally, bonus for when it is a site member`s birthday. Please note that Birthdays add-on will be required here.


Contact us if you know how to improve this add-on or have other ideas: come to the live chat or email