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VR Dating App


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Here's a new idea of a VR dating and friend-making app that helps your users meet new people in VR!

The feature includes:

> Avatar Profiles
In VR, you choose how you look. There’s no need to feel self-conscious when you meet people in your avatar.

> Personality-first
VR dating is personality-first. Get to know someone before exchanging face pics or video calling.

> Match through interests
Select from dozens of interests, or add your own!

> Meet in VR
Once you match on the app, you can message and meet up in any VR app or game. This includes: VRChat, Horizon Worlds, Zenith, Neos VR, and more.

Set up your profile in 3 steps:
1. Upload pictures of your VR avatar from SteamVR, VRChat, or your Oculus/Meta account.
2. Write a short bio (or use our bio prompts).
3. List your favorite VR games, do a personality quiz, and share your favorite interests.