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Dating site for people with a hearing disability


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Deafmatrimony is a site that has been specifically designed for the differently abled persons. The founder of this company has spent years researching the representation of people with a hearing disability. After surveys with disappointing results, he decided to provide a platform himself that would cater to people with hearing impairment, as he felt they were being under-represented around the globe.

The concept of this website was to provide a podium for people with diverse backgrounds yet similar challenges in life, to interact and potentially engage in a healthy and respectful relationship which if they choose may lead to matrimony. We, as a team, believe in bringing people together from all around the world and encourage them to develop affiliation that is based on mutual respect, affection, and care.

We are a team of people who strongly believe that every portion of society should get equal representation and equal opportunities so that every section of society can collectively blossom and in turn contribute as being positive and productive individuals. Over time we have also seen how financially disadvantaged families are dealt a poorer hand of cards in terms of finding a match for their beloved children because of their economic and social standing, which makes it extremely difficult for them to help their children find a suitable match. Deafmatrimony helps such families interact with better-suited matches of other families so that their children are not left behind merely because their social circle did not allow for a compatible match.

At Deafmatrimony, each of our team members is part of a much greater cause working hard to play their part in returning the favour of privilege that life has given us. We focus on providing a safe haven for differently abled persons where they are not treated any different than a person without a physical disability.