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Prototype: AI Assistance in Partner search

  • Price $99 is not an exact price. Request a free quote 

  • Discover your ideal match with AI-driven compatibility. Explore matches tailored to your personality traits. Bid farewell to the hassle of sorting through inauthentic profiles in search of a genuine connection. Enjoy a handpicked selection of profiles each day that resonate with your individuality!

  • Find people based on what makes you unique. Our algorithm calculates a compatibility score for each user, allowing you to delve deeper into the compatibility for each distinct personality trait. Say goodbye to blind dates!
  • A dating pool without deception. Our AI ensures authenticity. Leveraging advanced facial recognition technology, we eliminate the bots, linking you with real individuals.
  • Worried about making the first move? We've got your back. Our AI assists in orchestrating dates that fit your comfort level. Just pick the place and time; we handle the arrangements, helping you take the next step with ease.


What results will you get by using the feature:

  • It's not just another dating app; it's your personal assistant in finding the perfect match, considering all your preferences.
  • AI analyzes your likes and suggests potential pairs, making the dating process more engaging and personalized.
  • Increase your chances for a successful match: improved accuracy in selection, fewer irrelevant swipes, and a greater chance of meeting real people, not fake profiles."

In which niches can it be used:

  • This feature is perfect for dating platforms and social networks where personalization and search efficiency are paramount.

Case usage:

  • Traditional methods of finding a partner can often be tedious and time-consuming. Moreover, many users experience 'swipe burnout' from endless profile scrolling.
  • The absence of results, fatigue from searching, and wasted time can lead to disappointment and abandonment of the platform.
  • AI reduces search time and increases the chances of finding the perfect partner, making the process more efficient and enjoyable.
  • Time saved, increased satisfaction from using the platform, word-of-mouth recommendations among friends, and an increased likelihood of users returning for new acquaintances.

What the feature includes. How does it work? AI partner search combines several tools:

  • Increased match-finding percentage through analyzing preferences and suggesting potential matches, aiming to enhance the dating experience with profile customization and user browsing. The most significant factor for profile ranking in search results is an accurate profile description, accounting for 27.5% of the ranking. In second place are personal user preferences based on viewing history, likes, and initial messages, contributing to 25.5% of the weight.
  • Individual biography description generation based on my interests. The final choice of partner through swiping is made by the client.
  • Search by photo portrait - uploading a photo of the ideal pair.

  • Compatibility selection based on psychotype.

  • Percentage probability of distinguishing real people from fake scam profiles.

What to consider or set up before using:

  • Before starting, it's necessary to configure and order prototypes of the features you're interested in for maximum efficiency.

Why you should choose to use it:

  • Significantly greater value to your clients compared to competitors, thanks to our unique AI features.

With which other features you can get better results:

  • Photo generation tailored to interests.


Price $99 is not an exact price. Request a free quote



*Used illustrations from Matchmde, Fika, Popsugar.