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Cloud and dedicated hosting with domain lookup and virtual setup

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⇒ Power your large projects with high-performance servers
⇒ Take advantage of affordable multi-domain hosting that offers easy management and stable support
⇒ Improve your IT infrastructure
⇒ Ideal for user- and media-heavy projects


Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting allows you to host your website on virtual servers connected to a network of physical servers, providing reliability and cost-effectiveness because you only pay for the resources you use. Starter package includes:

  • 8 virtual processors;
  • 32 GB RAM;
  • 240 GB of hard disk space;
  • 20 TB of traffic

In this case, you can choose the control panel that is convenient for you. This is an excellent solution for startups, providing the ability to easily scale resources according to the needs of the project.


Dedicated server

A dedicated server gives you full control and exclusive access to your website, providing superior performance, security and flexibility. It is ideal for large projects with a large number of visitors that require special settings and high throughput. Unlike shared hosting, it gives you complete control, improving your site's performance. With 24/7 support, easy updates, and threat protection, a dedicated server provides a solid foundation for your project to grow.


Domain name search

Choose a unique domain that reflects your brand, is easy to remember, and has an appropriate extension. Avoid protected names, use local locators to reach your audience, and consider registering additional domains to protect your brand. Our site provides the tools you need to find the perfect domain.


Shared hosting

Shared hosting makes it easier and faster to set up your website online, ensuring its visibility and accessibility. The combination of hosting with domain and content makes a website accessible on the Internet. Our services include:

  • 24/7 support;
  • easy setup;
  • storage amplitude;
  • capacity with the ability to easily expand resources.

We guarantee the safety of your website from malicious activity and DDoS attacks. By purchasing hosting, you get space on our server with a unique DNS for accessing your site around the world. Makes it easier to launch and maintain your website on the Internet by providing space for its storage and access to the network. This type of hosting is suitable for small and medium-sized projects, offering affordable and scalable solutions. You get convenient tools to manage your site, including one-click installation and protection against malicious attacks and DDoS threats.