Site promotion strategy - Make sure everyone could find your site with the help of SEO audit, usability analysis, keyword planning, and more

From $600.00 / mo
The site promotion strategy includes SEO audit, usability analysis, keyword planning, more

You will make good use of this service if you have a new site and want to optimize it on your own but don’t know where to start.

Promotion strategy is a clear plan of action for the internal and external optimization aimed at achieving your goals (such as reaching a certain volume of traffic, getting high ranks in the search by relevant keywords, doubling conversion, etc.).

Developing a promotion strategy includes the following range of services:

- Providing audit of the technical condition of the site from the view of search engines;

- Doing a usability analysis of the site;

- Preparing a list of relevant keywords and choosing landing pages for site optimization;

- Compiling guidelines for internal optimization for selected keywords and phrases;

- Developing the link building strategy.


The service price starts at $600 and may increase depending on the site complexity.

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